Calendar of Events

Sharon Benz of CSCCE and fellow WNY Earth Day Committee members at the "Party for the Planet" Earth Day celebration at the Buffalo Zoo


Each semester, the CSCCE presents great events to engage the community on issues of sustainability and civic engagement. Want to know what the CSCCE is up to? Follow us on Facebook!

Daemen CSCCE Upcoming Events:   

April 15 - 18: “Good Going WNY” Alternate Transportation event. Make the pledge to use another form of transportation for the day or even the whole week and enter to win a beautiful stuffed polar bear! CSCCE staff members will be in Wick ready to help you make the pledge! Interested in learning more about local carpooling options? Go here!

April 19:
“One Day, One Team” Daemen Community Service event. Join Daemen College faculty, students and staff to make a difference in the Seneca Babcock and Fruitbelt neighborhoods. Prepare to get dirty and have a great time! Interested in signing up? Students can contact Susan Marchione at 839-8447. Faculty, staff and community members can contact Cheryl Bird at 839-8489.

May 9: Seneca Babcock/Daemen College Student Photography Show. Come see the world through our students' eyes, straight from the lens of their cameras! Event will be at 1218 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY 14210 (Seneca Street Church).

June 2: Locust Street Art Show. Art is about learning to see, and seeing to learn! At the Locust Street Art Studio, students have been enjoying free art lessons for over 50 years! Each year, more opportunities are presented to students as the volunteer base of professional artists continues to grow. Want to learn more? Come to Locust Street Art Show in the Fruitbelt! The studio is located at 138 Locust Street 14204 Buffalo, NY. Interested in taking a class? Follow them on

une 17-23: World Refugee Day Celebrations at Daemen and in Buffalo

June 22: At the CSCCE, we believe that every day is Earth Day! Join us on 10-3pm at the Buffalo Zoo for our annual
 Party for the Planet! This will be a fun day for the whole family! Bring the kids down for a zoo-wide scavenger hunt, music, food and fun as they learn about the importance of saving our planet!

July 7: Buffalo Play Streets Sunday in the Seneca Babcock neighborhood. Come join the community as they get together to get active and have fun! Streets will
be closed to cars and opened up to the community to create a safe, accessible space for people to walk, ride bikes, dance, enjoy sports and games together, and eat healthy food! 

July 8-19: Language Arts and Theatre Camp. More info soon!

July 15-25: Seneca Babcock Reading Camp! More info soon!

September 28: Save the date! WNY Environmental Summit at Daemen College!

October 11-12: Save the date! “World on Your Plate” Food Conference is returning at Daemen College!

















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