West Side Ministries Housing Rehabilitation

 The West side Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and sustaining Buffalo’s West Side through a variety of economic and community development efforts. Each academic semester, 12 Daemen College service-learning students, under the supervision of skilled plumbers, electricians, and contractors, volunteer their time every Saturday morning to assist this faith-based organization with the demolition and restoration of under-resourced or dilapidated housing. Students clean,tile, paint, work on landscaping projects, and remove and install floors,windows, siding. These rehabilitated, affordable homes are placed on the mark for sale to first-time and/or low-income home buyers – individuals and families who demonstrate an ability to own a home, but have lacked the opportunity.Since 2007, Daemen students have helped West side Ministries rehab approximately10 homes, as well as the Loretto Ministry Center. This Center provides safe, affordable, quality space to groups that positively impact this diverse community. Over the past five years, Daemen students have provided 720 hours of manpower each semester; a total of 7,200 hours over the past 10 semesters.