Teacher Leadership Quality Partnership

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Authorized by the No Child Left Behind Act (Title II, Part A, Subpart 3), New York State’s Teacher/Leader Quality Partnerships (TLQP) program.

Through funding provided by the New York State Education Department, Daemen College has hosted a Teacher/Leader Quality Partnership since 1999. The Education and the Natural Sciences Departments at Daemen College in partnership with the Buffalo Public Schools and the Catholic Diocese collaborate to improve student achievement by providing professional development to administrators and teachers. A cadre of highly effective educators forms the core of our learning community that continually engages in the peer review process to hone instructional classroom practice and to develop leadership skills. Our project assists cadre members as they host student teachers and mentor new teachers to develop pedagogical content knowledge and continually improve instructional effectiveness.


Project Director: Jeffery Arnold, Ph. D.
Phone: (716) 839-8379
E-mail: jarnold@daemen.edu

Administrative Assistant: Cathy Zawodzinski
Phone: (716) 839-8264
E-mail: czawodzi@daemen.edu

Office Location
Daemen College
Thomas Reynolds Center
4380 Main Street
Amherst, NY 14226-3592
Fax: (716) 566-7801

Support for the development and production of material for this web site is provided by a grant under the New York State Higher Education Teacher/Leadership Quality Partnership program administered by the New York State Education Department.

Our Logo

Our logo design reflects the organic relationship between and among the principles of: Equity, Teaching and Learning, Data Strategies: Assessment, and Technology. The center eight-pointed star represents Leadership, Quality, Standards, and Curriculum at both the pre- and in-service levels. The center star supports, but is also defined by, our program principles. That is to say, by using the lens of our program principles, we operationally define standards for quality in leadership and in the curriculum. Our logo consists of two design elements, each with a four-point pattern. One design element is modeled after an addition sign (+), and the other a multiplication sign (x), two symbols that represent synergy. Our logo emerged when we wove the two design elements together to represent the fractal nature of our principles at different organizational levels.

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