General Information About Daemen

The Campus

Daemen College is located on a 35-acre campus in Amherst, New York. The suburban location enables students of the College to have ready access to metropolitan Buffalo while enjoying the charm of a beautifully landscaped campus. Daemen is easily accessible by major rail, plane, and motor routes which service the city of Buffalo. The College is less than five minutes from exit 50 of the New York State Thruway. The Greater Buffalo International Airport, serviced by most major airlines, is a fifteen-minute drive from the campus. Directions can be found at:

Buildings and Facilities

  1. Duns Scotus Hall houses administrative and faculty offices, classrooms, science laboratories, art studios, lounges and the bookstore.
  2. Athletic Facilities include a basketball court, exercise and weight rooms, saunas, and an outdoor practice field.
  3. The Haberman Gacioch Center for Visual & Performing Arts is a dramatic new space which features the Tower Gallery, studios for illustration, figure drawing and painting, graphic design production area, computer labs, faculty offices and the Sr. Jeanne File Art History Resource Center. The exterior features an outdoor classroom.  The building was designed with green technology and uses geothermal heating to contain energy costs.
  4. Patricia E. Curtis Hall houses Physician Assistant, Psychology, and Social Work faculty offices.
  5. Canavan Hall is a dormitory-style residence hall with kitchenettes, lounges, and laundry facilities.
  6. Charles J. Wick Campus Center houses student life offices, lounges, a main dining room seating 650, and a social room/auditorium seating 500.
  7. Rosary Hall is the original College administrative and classroom building, currently restored to house Admissions, Alumni and External Relations offices.
  8. MusicalFare Theatre houses the theater and offices of MusicalFare Theatre Company.
  9. Campus Village Apartments comprise seven buildings with 96 apartment style units. Each apartment has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Lounges and laundry facilities are also available on each floor.
  10. Schenck Hall houses laboratory facilities, classrooms, and a 300-seat lecture hall.
  11. Business Building includes business faculty offices, classrooms, computer lab and student lounge.
  12. The Thomas Reynolds Center for Special Education & After-School Programs includes a conference room, observation room, and four classrooms, one of which is equipped with a smartboard.
  13. The Research and Information Commons (RIC) was built with innovative green technology, and is LEED Gold-certified. The RIC houses a comprehensive library, Academic Support Services, Academic Computing Services, the Professional Educator Resource Center, RIC's Daily Grind cafe, small-group study rooms, and many state-of-the-art amenities to enhance the study experience.
  14. *The International Center for Excellence in Animation (ICEA) is housed at the TriMain Center- Suite 530, 2495 Main Street in Buffalo. Occupying 17,000 square feet, the Center is equipped with five studios, three editing rooms, work space, a library, and a state-of-the-art screening room. The ICEA is the site for the BFA in Animation and the Visual Effects (VFX) Certificate program. 
    * Located off campus.

Telephone: (716) 839-3600

Academic Information                      839-8301
or academic department office
Admissions                                      839-8225
Alumni                                             839-8212
Athletics                                           839-8346
Bookstore                                        839-8245
Business Office                                 839-8218
Calendar & Dates                             839-8214
Catalog Requests                              839-8225
Conferences & Special Events          839-8253
Financial Aid                                     839-8254
Fund Raising & Gifts                         839-8212
Gallery                                              839-8241
Housing & Meal Plan                         839-8200
Library                                              839-8243
MusicalFare Theatre                          839-8540
Public Relations & Publicity               839-8472
Registration & Schedules                   839-8214
Student Activities & Services             839-8332
Transcripts & Records                      839-8214

The Buffalo Area: An Ideal Location

Key to Buffalo, New York

  1. Buffalo Niagara International Airport
  2. Amtrak Terminal
  3. Ralph Wilson Stadium (NFL Football)
  4. First Niagara Center (NHL Hockey)
  5. Naval Park and Canalside
  6. Bus Terminal
  7. Erie Basin Marina
  8. Buffalo and Erie County Library
  9. Buffalo Convention Center
  10. Theatre District
  11. Fort Erie
  12. Peace Bridge to Canada
  13. Kleinhans Music Hall
  14. Allentown/Delaware Historic Area
  15. Coca-Cola Field (Baseball)
  16. Museum of Science
  17. Albright-Knox Art Gallery
  18. Buffalo History Museum
  19. Buffalo Zoo
  20. Northtown Plaza
  21. Walden Galleria

Approximate mileage from Greater Buffalo to the following:

Albany, NY                           301 miles
Allentown, PA                      334 miles
Atlantic City, NJ                  443 miles
Baltimore, MD                     368 miles
Binghamton, NY                 211 miles
Boston, MA                          471 miles
Burlington, VT                     465 miles
Charleston, WV                   446 miles
Chicago, IL                           545 miles
Cincinnati, OH                     440 miles
Cleveland, OH                     191 miles
Detroit, MI                            270 miles
Elmira, NY                            148 miles
Erie, PA                                  96 miles
Harrisburg, PA                      296 miles
Hartford, CT                        407 miles
Indianapolis, IN                   525 miles
Lake Placid, NY                   395 miles
Long Island, NY                  419 miles
Manchester, NH                  457 miles
Montreal, Canada                 394 miles
New York City, NY             371 miles
Philadelphia, PA                  388 miles
Pittsburgh, PA                       219 miles
Portland, ME                        548 miles
Poughkeepsie, NY               359 miles
Providence, RI                     475 miles
Richmond, VA                     511 miles
Rochester, NY                      75 miles
Scranton, PA                        266 miles
Springfield, MA                    384 miles
Syracuse, NY                        156 miles
Toronto, Canada                 100 miles
Utica, NY                              199 miles
Washington, DC                  405 miles
Wilmington, DE                   418 miles

History and Identity 

Daemen College is a private, nonsectarian, co-educational, comprehensive college in Amherst, New York. Its attractive suburban location offers convenient access to the cultural amenities of metropolitan Buffalo and the scenic outdoor recreation areas of Western New York, the Niagara Frontier, and the Great Lakes. In addition, the College is near Canada, with cosmopolitan Toronto in easy driving distance.

The College was established in 1947 as Rosary Hill College by the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, whose foundress was Magdalene Daemen, a Dutch woman dedicated to working with the poor. Her faith and courage have inspired many to give themselves to the service of others. The College has been accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since 1956. Institutional accreditation was last reaffirmed in 2011. Originally a liberal arts college for women, the College became co-educational in 1971, extending its commitment to academic excellence to the education of both men and women. In 1976, the College became independent and nonsectarian, changing its name to Daemen College. In 1992, New York State amended the college’s charter, authorizing the award of graduate level degrees as well as baccalaureate degrees.

Committed to an academic atmosphere that leads to open inquiry and debate, Daemen has achieved a creative balance between programs providing career preparation and education in the liberal arts. Programs in the major and the competency-based core curriculum encourage students to expand their horizons beyond the classroom through internships, service learning, clinical and field experiences, collaborative research with faculty, and study abroad. The Core Curriculum is designed to develop students’ skills and competencies in seven areas that will benefit them personally and professionally throughout their lives.

Mission Statement

The mission of Daemen College is to prepare students for life and leadership in an increasingly complex world. Founded on the principle that education should elevate human dignity and foster civic responsibility and compassion, the College seeks to integrate the intellectual qualities acquired through study of the liberal arts with the education necessary for professional accomplishment. This integration which recognizes equal value in liberal studies and professional programs aims at preparing graduates who are dedicated to the health and well-being of both their local and global communities.

With a Daemen education, students will acquire the skill to solve problems creatively and think critically. They will be comfortable with diversity and will recognize the importance of a global perspective. They will be able to work with others and be invigorated by environments that present challenges and demand innovation. Daemen students are expected to be active participants in their own education and informed citizens who understand that learning is a life-long journey.

At the heart of Daemen’s integrated learning experience is the relationship that can develop between the College’s faculty and its students. Daemen prides itself on maintaining a student-centered atmosphere and a close professional and collaborative association among all members of the College community. Assisted by a supportive faculty, Daemen students are encouraged to pursue goals beyond their initial expectations, to respond to academic challenges, and to develop habits of mind that enrich their lives and their community.

Learning Outcome Goals

Daemen College graduates students who:

  1. Are informed citizens, prepared to play productive roles in local and global communities both as effective participants and leaders.
  2. Are prepared to work collaboratively as well as independently in the pursuit of knowledge and problem resolution.
  3. Engage in higher order thinking.
  4. Make reasoned ethical choices and consider connections between values and behavior.
  5. Can effectively access, evaluate, and apply relevant and valid information using a variety of information resources.
  6. Have writing and speaking skills necessary for effective communication.
  7. Are well prepared to pursue meaningful career opportunities or advanced study.

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That’s the best way to really get a feel for what Daemen is all about! Daemen is located in suburban Amherst, New York just minutes away from the city of Buffalo. To schedule a weekday individual interview and tour the campus, email us or call 800.462.7652.

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