Awards & Acknowledgements

John Masterson Writing Award

At the end of each scholastic year, English majors with strong writing skills are invited to apply for the John Masterson Award.  This award includes a modest cash stipend and was established in honor of the English Department’s revered Shakespearean scholar, the late Mr. Masterson.  That student reflects the love of literature that Mr. Masterson reinforced in English majors for more than fifty years at the college.

The Katherine M. Sullivan Award in Adolescence Education

The Katherine M. Sullivan Award is presented to a graduating English major in Adolescence Education.  It is awarded in the name of Dr. Sullivan, who served on the Daemen faculty from 1966 to 1998, first in the Education Department and then in the English Department, which she chaired for many years.  During her time at Daemen, she came to represent excellence and professionalism as both a teacher and an administrator.  Her achievements in teaching serve as the model for the award's nominees.  Recipients of the award are chosen by both Education and English faculty for their exceptional performance in academics and for their teaching potential as demonstrated through student teaching placements.

World of Opportunity Wizard

Wow! Daemen students & faculty travel abroad during the inter-semester break!

Faculty accompanied students to Mexico City and Cuernavaca for the January inter-semester term.

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