Julie Mehta

Prior to coming to Daemen, Dr. Julie Mehta taught Asian Cultures in Canada under the Canadian Studies Programme, University College,  the University of Toronto, where was recipient of the CGS-SSHRC of Canada and held the Mary H. Betty and Dr. David Chu Fellowships. She is the author of Dance of Life: Mythology, History and Politics of Cambodian Culture (2001),and co-author with historian Harish C. Mehta of Hun Sen: Strongman of Cambodia (1999). She has published extensively on Postcolonial Literatures and works on exile and identity among diasporic novelists. Her doctoral research is on Postcolonial Literature and her dissertation is titled: “Unchaste Goddesses, Turbulent Waters: Postcolonial Constructions of the Divine Feminine in the Unstable Waterscapes of South AsianFiction.”  An independent scholar of Indian and Cambodian culture, art and religion as well, she has lived and worked as a correspondent in Australia,Bangkok, Cambodia, Thailand and India, for twenty-two years.

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