Shirley Peterson

Associate Professor

I have been a faculty member in the Daemen College English Department since 1990, arriving fresh from University of Delaware where I completed my Ph.D.  In addition to Freshman Composition and our introductory literature course Approaches to Literature, I teach a survey course in British Literature (the Romantics to Contemporary writers) and courses in Modern/Contemporary Irish Literature, Detective Fiction, Gender and Literature, and Trauma and Literature.For the general education requirement in the college core, I periodically offer  and  American Literature of the 1960s. 

My major research interests have been in the area of gender studies, film studies and postcolonial Irish literature.  I co-edited a collection of essays entitled Unmanning Modernism:  Gendered Re-Readings (University of Tennessee Press, 1997) and have published separate articles on film, women's suffrage literature, popular culture, detective fiction and Irish novelists Edna O'Brien and Patrick McCabe.  I am currently working on Irish  crime fiction of The Celtic Tiger.  My interest in this topic stems from Ireland's long and traumatic history of colonialism, famine, and poverty, which I examine in the context of Irish novels and contemporary trauma theory.  With the support of Daemen College, I have had the privilege of traveling to Ireland several times to attend conferences and to conduct research, a particularly enjoyable part of my job.

In collaboration with the English Department's Dr. Marck-Cantwell, I have coordinated several student trips abroad to England and Ireland.  These trips have typically involved around a dozen students who traveled over spring break in conjunction with a class on English/Irish literature or, if they were not part of a class, just went for fun.  Each trip has been uniquely rewarding and has helped broaden the students' horizons both culturally and academically.  The college does offer more extensive study abroad options,but these trips offer a condensed, if rather intense, experience for those who cannot go away for an entire semester. 


I have recently moved into the position of Dean of Arts and Sciences.  While this commitment requires less  teaching in the English Department , I will continue to teach on a limited basis and to be engaged in departmental activities.   


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