Joseph Sankoh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of the African Initiative and the Program in Diaspora, Immigrant, and Refugee Studies



  • MA, MAIS, Fairleigh Dickson University, 1986
  • Ph.D, University of Buffalo, 1999

Courses Taught

  • IND215 – Service Learning for Refugee Studies
  • IND233 – History & Politics of Poverty & Homelessness
  • PHI232 – Learning Through Service
  • PSC101 – Comparative Politics
  • PSC121 – International Relations
  • PSC210 – Politics of Globalization
  • PSC213 – Sustainability & 3rd World Development
  • PSC/HST312 – Sub-Saharan Africa
  • LEAF507 – Leadership & the Community
  • LEAF511 – Leadership in Non-Profit Organization
  • LEAF514 – Leadership in Business
  • HST 230 – Problems of 3rd World

Dr. Sankho, a native of Sierra Leone, West Africa, was founding Director of Daemen's Department of Service Learning. He received the Daemen College President’s Outstanding Administrator/Faculty Award in 1994 and helped found Daemen Students Without Borders (a global academic service learning humanitarian student group) and the Multicultural Association of Daemen (a cross-cultural education group). In 2014, Dr. Sankoh was approved for the Senior Specialist Fulbright Award Roster for overseas exchange, which authorizes him to undertake short term collaborative projects with colleges and universities overseas for the next five years.

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Research and Teaching Interests

  • Politics of Globalization, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Third World Studies, Black Studies, International Organizations/Non-Governmental Organizations, Political Economy, Corruption Studies, Diplomatic Relations, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Academic Service Learning & Civic Engagement.

Paper Presentations

  • The Legal, Cultural, and Economic Determinants of Corruption”, at the 54th Annual Conference of New York State Political Science Association at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY; April 14-15, 2000.
  • “Assessment of Colonialism’s Impact on Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa”, at the Annual International Conference of National Association of African American Studies, National Association of Hispanic & Latino Studies, National Association of Native America Studies, and International Association of Asian Studies; at Cancun, Mexico, August 20 – September 3, 2001.
  • The Issue of Reparations for African Slavery”, at NAAAS, NAHLS, NAAMS, & IAAS National Conference at Houston, Texas, February 17-26, 2003.
  • “The Impact of Globalization” (workshop) at COOL Conference at Harvard University; March 16-18, 2001.
  • “The Age of Globalization: Who Benefits? – An Analyses of the Plight of the 3rd World in the Age of Increasing Globalization”; at the 28th Annual Third World Conference, March 27-30, 2002, Chicago, Illinois.
  • “The Impact of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Why the Rich 1st World Should Care”; at Daemen College, March 26, 2003.
  • “Sierra Leone, 12 Years of Civil War” at Zonta Women’s World Organization Conference; Amherst, NY, November 2002.


  • Political Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative Analyses – with Particular Reference to Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria (Bell & Howell Co; Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1999)
  • “Assessment of Colonialism’s Contribution to Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of British West Africa”, in National Association of Hispanics and Latino Studies, National Association of African American Studies, National Association of Asian Studies International Monograph Series 2001 – PP. 409-461.
  • “Understanding Diversity & Other Cultures will Enhance Kiwanis Potential for the 21st Century and Beyond”; in Empire State Kiwanian Journal, #5, March 2000, New York.
  • “The Issue of Reparations for African Slavery: The Case for Reparations”, in Journal of Intercultural Disciplines, Fall 2004 (Forthcoming).

Professional Memberships

  • National Political Science Honor Society of America
  • New York State Political Science Association
  • National Association of African-American Studies, National Assoc. of Hispanics & Latino Studies, and International Assoc. of Asian Studies
  • American Association of University Professors
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Collegiate Press Publishing (review of academic books, articles, proposals, etc., in Black & Third World studies)
  • New York State Campus Compact For Academic Service Learning
  • American College Personnel Association
  • COOL

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