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Students in the History & Political Science Department never know where their experiences at Daemen might lead them.

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Student Internships

Our programs require the completion of an internship, which gives you an opportunity to explore possibilities in various career areas. Some of our students have completed extraordinary internships.

Tyler Vanice (George Washington Masonic National Memorial, Washington DC)    

Kaleigh Ratliff (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC)

Sarah Rodman (American Bar Association, Washington, DC)

Eric Behm  (FDR Museum, Hyde Park, NY; Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History, Washington, DC)

Jessica Doyle  (Historic Preservation, Preservation Studios, Buffalo, NY)

What our students have to say about majoring in....


I chose the history program at Daemen due to the small class sizes, individual attention and the many possibilities to push myself academically. From day one at Daemen the faculty have reinforced my desire to remain here. They are friendly and approachable which made adjusting to college much easier as a freshman. I believe this program will give me all the tools I need and more in order to approach graduate school confidently. The professors are always looking to challenge you and better you as a student. Chris Butler, History, 2015.

Political Science

I chose political science because of my passion for international politics. The interaction between various countries and global organizations is a process that shapes the modern world....I have a great relationship with all my professors. All of them are supportive and helpful....In a small school such as Daemen, it is much easier to stand out. The potential of talented students is more noticeable in a small classroom....[and] enables the professor to devote an equal amount of time and attention to each student. Daemen has everything necessary for those eager to learn. Daemen has partnerships with multiple colleges in the U.S. and abroad. Many of my friends took advantage of study abroach programs and exchange programs with other institutions. Fuad Abdul, Political Science, 2014

My experience at Daemen was one of a kind. You will not find another group of faculty that cares so much about the success of their students. The History and Political Science department's thesis program transforms their undergraduate students into true scholars. My experience with the thesis program allowed me to sit in on legislative hearings, send out surveys to senators and even conduct an interview with a state assemblyman. Finishing the thesis program really helped me turn a corner in my scholarship and allowed me to think on a whole new level. Mitchell Altman-Cosgrove, Political Science, 2013.

The professors encourage me to take academic risks and enroll in challenging courses that they know I will find useful for my career path. The advisors that I have worked with have been nothing but supportive and ready to lend a hand. My first internship was with former Attorney General, and no Governor, Andrew Cuomo and I was a mediator in the Consumer Affairs Office. This internship set a strong foundation for my second position with the American Bar Association in Washington, DC...I have attended over 6 congressional hearings...researched various House subcommittees and their members for projects....not a day passes where I don't learn something new or interesting. Sarah Rodman, Political Science, 2013.

History and Political Science

My academic experience at Daemen has been amazing. I've been able to develop as a student with the help of my professors and advisors. My advisor encouraged me to pursue any path I had desired. When I was debating on trying to graduate early, she showed me that it was possible and created a whole new schedule for me....For my service learning, I went to a Buffalo high school to tutor students. During my time there I was able to help a group of students who were refugees from the Congo learn English and get them acquainted with life in the United States. Kaeleigh Jessen, History & Government, 2013

I was looking for a program that could provide me with the tools and opportunities that I would need to succeed in my chosen field. I have found that with this program. The Daemen faculty and staff are wonderful! They helped to make my transition into college as comfortable and easy as possible. They are extremely friendly and willing to help! ...The opportunity to spend a semester in Washington, DC has specifically prepared me for my chosen career path, that of museum work. This opportunity also prepared me to live on my own and be more independent. I have also been able to do service learning with an organization that remodels and sells homes to families in need for a low cost. This has helped me to become more passionate about giving back to my community. Daemen has given me so many amazing experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Kaleigh Ratliff, History & Government, 2013     

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