Black Studies Minor

Requirements (18 credits)

History & Political Science (9 credits)

  • PSC223 Political & Civil Rights in the U.S. (3)
  • Select one:

    • HST137 African American History (3)
    • HST230 Problems of the Third World (3)
    • HST312 Sub-Saharan Africa (3)
  • Select an additional 3 credits from History & Political Science courses.

Courses will be selected in consultation with the Advisor for the Black Studies minor and may be one of the unused  courses listed in the options referenced above.

Economics and Humanities (6 credits)

Select 6 credits from the following (courses to be selected in consultation with the advisor for the Black Studies minor)

  • ECO209 Economics of Poverty (3)
  • ECO213 Economics of Inequality (3)
  • IND315 Perspectives on Blacks and Education (3)
  • PHI211 African American Thought (3)
  • PHI/REL328 Comparative Genocide (3)
  • REL309 The Holocaust (3)
  • SOC209 Social Problems (3)
  • SOC224 Ethnicity, Race & Cultural Diversity (3)

Service Learning (3 credits)

3 credits in service learning relative to the Black experience must be completed. The experience, supervised and deemed acceptable by the Advisor for the minor in Black Studies, must include an experiential service learning component in addition to an academic component. Departmental faculty will collaborate with members of the Service Learning Department, Center for Sustainable Communities and Civic Engagement, and the Global Programs Office in order to determine an appropriate experience and placement. The Service Learning Department must provide authorization for the experience (via a signed permit to register form) prior to registration in the experience.

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