Criminal Justice Minor

Requirements (21 credits)

  • PSC117 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
  • PSC230 United States Judicial Process (3)
  • PSC305 American Constitutional Law (3)
  • PSY223 Forensic Psychology

Select 9 credits, one from 3 of the 4 disciplines as follows


  • PHI203 Question of the Human (3)
  • PHI312 Ethics (3)
  • PHI322 Philosophy of Law (3)
  • PHI326 Meaning of Care in a Technological Society (3)

Political Science

  • PSC114 State and Local Government (3)
  • PSC223 Political & Civil Rights in the U.S. (3)


  • PSY103 Introduction to Psychological Science (3)
  • PSY302 Developmental Psychology: Infancy through Childhood (3)
  • PSY310 Social Psychology (3)
  • PSY408 The Psychology of Mental Illness (3)


  • SOC209 Social Problems (3)
  • SOC224 Ethnicity, Race and Cultural Diversity (3)
  • SOC304 Social Class and Inequality (3)


It is recommended that students completing the Criminal Justice minor complete the following electives as part of their degree program studies: CFE Career Field Experience; MTH104 Survey of Statistics (3); SPA105-106 Intermediate Spanish for Professional Communication I-II (3/3)

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