Public History Minor

Requirements: (18 credits)


Some of the courses have prerequisites so students should plan accordingly and consult the Search for Schedules option on WebAdvisor to view course offerings and prerequisites.

Complete each of the following:

    • HST211 Introduction to Public History (3)
    • HST220 American History to 1877 (3)
    • HST221 American History from 1877 to the Present (3)

Select 9 credits from the following options; 3 credits must be taken in each of the 3 areas referenced below:

  • Written Communication Skills/Public Relations:
    • CA/CMP318 Writing for Media (3)
    • CMP301 Professional Writing (3)
    • CMP311 Advanced English Composition (3)
    • CMP/PR420 Promotional Writing (3)
    • PR322 Introduction to Public Relations (3)
  • Allied Fields and Applied Knowledge:
    • ACC225 Financial Accounting (3)
    • HP/IND 250 Introduction to Historic Preservation (3)
    • HSM350 Grants and Contract Development (3)
    • HST416 Internship in Public History (1-3)
    • PSC227 Introduction to Public Administration (3)
  • Computer and Web Design:
    • MIS231 Visual Software (3)
    • MIS280 Computer Studies and Problem Solving (3)
    • MIS290 Information Systems Management (3)
    • MIS331 Animation Software (3)

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