Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Modern Language is to prepare students to integrate fully their language skills for professional and personal fulfillment in both their local and global communities.  The curriculum for French and Spanish majors integrates language skills with Daemen’s liberal arts core and a solid professional formation based on language proficiency. 

The curriculum emphasizes oral fluency, written proficiency, cultural awareness and literary appreciation, skills which allow students to solve problems creatively and think critically.  Our graduates will be comfortable with diversity and recognize the vital importance of a global perspective.  The curriculum recognizes the significant historical, moral, artistic, economic, literary and scientific contributions of French and Spanish speakers throughout the world: in North and South America, the Caribbean and Africa, as well as Europe.

 Our graduates will be ready to take their place as leaders in the fields of education, public policy, business, social service, health care, media and the arts.

 Student Learning Objectives for French and Spanish Majors:

1) oral fluency                                     2) written proficiency            
3) cultural understanding                    4) literary and linguistic appreciation

It is no accident that oral fluency is listed as the first goal of the French or Spanish major.  This most difficult skill to master is emphasized in all courses. The skills learned in acquiring a foreign language are precisely the skills that make for good communication in any language: the ability to pause, to reflect on what you want to convey before you start to speak; the ability to choose the correct word from several possibilities, to convey your message exactly as you want; a consciousness that grammar rules do affect communication.  The goal of oral fluency addresses the importance of understanding and responding in French or Spanish in authentic situations.  As students progress through their major their oral proficiency will be monitored as indicated below.

There is a big difference in the ease or difficulty of writing a foreign language as opposed to speaking one. Writing is easier because there is the opportunity to reflect on the writing and to review it. The goal of written proficiency allows students to bring this awareness to bear on their communicative abilities in any language.  As the major progresses, students’ writing will become increasingly more accurate, well-organized, and articulate.

 The mission of Daemen College is to prepare students for life and leadership in an increasingly complex world; this is the heart of the French & Spanish majors.  In a world which is coming together economically and culturally every day, the importance of being aware of other cultures is paramount. Learning not to be shocked at the way others do things is part of being a culturally sensitive and professional person who is comfortable with diversity and who recognizes the importance of a global perspective. This is the goal of cultural understanding. 

The study of Literature and Linguistics in French or Spanish promotes proficiency in the language through class discussions and written expression. Moreover, as literature and linguistics reflect the history, culture, ethics and aesthetics of a people, the goal of literary and linguistic appreciation integrates communication, culture, creativity and critical thinking.

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