Specialization: Health Sciences


    • MAJOR: 31-32 credits:

      • BCH317 Bio-organic Chemistry (3)
      • BIO330/L General Anatomy (4/0)
      • BIO340/L General Physiology (4/0)
      • Science and Health Science Electives: 20-21 credits to be selected from recommended Science courses.
      • NOTE

        • If you complete 13 credits in the specialization, 21 credits are required in science electives; if you complete 14 credits in the specialization, 20 credits are required in science electives.
        • Some course options in science/health science electives and in the specialization have overlapping content and therefore credit for only one course in each of the following pairs may be counted as a required or elective health science course: HCS301 and PT508; HCS317 and PT504 and/or PT505; HCS317 and PT506 and/or PT507; HCS320 and PT517; BCH 317 and CHE 301; BCH 313 and BCH 317.
    • SPECIALIZATION: Select 13-14 credits from the following and in consultation with ones Advisor:

      • HCS301/L Physiology of Exercise & Cardiopulmonary Assessment (3/0)
      • HCS317/L Human Motion: Principles & Perspectives (4/0)
      • HCS320 Community Health Education & Disease Prevention (3)* -- CT
      • PAS302 Clinical Microbiology/Immunology (3)
      • PT504/L-505/L Clinical Functional Anatomy I-II (3/0-2/0)
      • PT506/L-507/L Kinesiology & Biomechanics I-II (3/0-2/0)
      • PT508/L Physiology of Exercise (3/0)
      • PT517 Clinical Medicine I (3)
  2. CORE: 39 credits:

    • Select one

      • MTH134 Pre-Calculus (3) - CT; QL
      • MTH144 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I (3) - CT; QL
    • Core Electives: 36 credits:

  3. FREE ELECTIVES: 12 credits:

    Courses offered in the major are Courses used to fulfill the free electives may but are not required to have a competency.


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