Theatre Arts Minor

Requirements: (21 credits)

Theatre Literature: Select two:

  • LIT309 Film Seminar (3)
  • LIT318 The English Drama (3)
  • LIT319 Modern European and American Drama (3)
  • LIT410 Shakespeare (3)
  • THA106 Introduction to Theatre (3)

Performance: Select one

  • THA103 Basic Acting Technique (3)
  • THA108 Masked Performance (3)

Movement: Select three

  • THA207 Improvisation (3)
  • THA213 Introduction to Stage Combat (3)
  • THA214 Stage Movement (3)
  • THA215 Introduction to the Suzuki Method of Actor Training (3)
  • THA253 Theatre as Outreach (3)

Design: Select one

  • THA222 Costume Design (3)
  • THA223 Lighting Design (3)
  • THA224 Set Design (3)
  • THA225 Sound Design (3)

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