Alternative Certification Programs in Special Education - Brooklyn, NY

Since 2003, Daemen College has offered Master of Science degrees in Childhood Special Education and Early Childhood Special Education to Orthodox Jewish women in Brooklyn, New York. Additionally graduates are eligible for a New York State Teaching Certificate as part of the Alternative Certificate Program -Transitional B Certificate [52.21. (b) (3) (xvii)] Since its inception, Daemen College has partnered with Testing and Training International (TTI), founded in 1996, as a comprehensive program to enable Orthodox Jewish women to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree without compromising their religious principles. To this end, Daemen and TTI have customized this program to the special interests and sensitivities of the Orthodox community and fill a need unmet by other institutions. The programs offer:

  • A 36 credit hour M.S. degree program in Childhood Special Education and General Education 1-6, leading to New York State teacher certification.
  • A 39 credit hour M.S. degree program in Early Childhood Special Education and General Education, leading to New York State teacher certification.

Students in the Brooklyn program are held to the same admission and academic standards as students on Daemen’s main campus and are provided with equivalent support services, including online access to the main campus library.

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