Comprehensive Exam Information - Cohort 12

  1. What basic information do I need to know about Cohort 12’s Comprehensive Exam? (i.e., dates, times, format, etc.)

  2. What content will be on the written portion of the exam?

    • View the actual written portion of the exam for Cohort 12. You will be given these EXACT questions to answer during the exam; you will also be given these EXACT accompanying rubrics to guide your success as you write your exam answers during the exam. Everything you see on this 5-page document will be given to you on exam day (questions + all rubrics). So, prepare in advance AND use the rubrics during the exam to ensure that you haven’t forgotten to include pre-prepared material in your answers.
  3. How can I best prepare for the multiple choice portion of the exam?

  4. What do I do the day of the exam? What room do I report to? What time do I have to report to the exam?

    • All students will report to the lobby of Schenck Hall upon arrival between 12:00 noon and 12:30pm. You will register your arrival using your photo Daemen ID card to verify your identity. ARRIVE EARLY to minimize your stress.
    • Students will be assigned one of the following rooms in which the comprehensive exam will be written: room SH207, SH208, or SH210.
    • Please note: these rooms are subject to change in January.
  5. What if I arrive late?

    • Please plan in advance to arrive on campus no later than 12:00 noon. The exam starts at 1:00pm, but it takes time to park your car, register the lobby of Schenck Hall, get organized, and calm down prior to beginning to write your 3-hour exam.
    • The telephone number 1-800-715-6722 is U.S./Canadian border crossing information, which provides hourly updates regarding border crossing delays; use this information to help you to avoid a stressful delay sitting in border line-ups the day of the exam.
    • Report to the lobby of Schenck Hall regardless of whether you are on time or late. If you arrive less than an hour late you will be required to provide a reason, and then you will likely be integrated into a classroom to get started on your exam. However, NO EXTRA TIME will be given to you; this means you will not have the full 3 hours to complete the exam. If you arrive more than 1 hour late it is unlikely you will be permitted to write the exam on January 23rd/2010, but your explanation for being late will be reviewed. Generally, if you arrive more than an hour late, you will likely be writing the exam during the scheduled make-up day, which is February 27th, 2010.
  6. What can I bring into the exam? (e.g., Materials? Food? Water? Writing utensils?, etc.)

    • No food is permitted. You cannot eat anything during the exam, unless you have a documented medical reason (e.g., diabetes) for needing to eat during this 3-hour exam. If you have a documented medical reason, report this a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to Marybeth Fortune at so that your exam proctor can be notified in advance. If, after reporting your medical need for food, you are permitted to bring food into the exam, it should not be wrapped in noisy wrapping (e.g., a bag of chips would be noisy), should not require you to be noisy while eating (e.g., crunchy foods will disrupt other test-takers), and should not contain an odour that would interfere with the other test-takers (e.g., a tuna sandwich is smelly).
    • You can bring a drink into the exam provided that it is in a container with a lid (e.g., a bottle of water or pop/soda will be permitted, a can will not be permitted).
    • No written materials of any kind (e.g., your study notes, your text, a dictionary) will be able to be used during the exam.
    • You will need to bring a pencil to use to complete the multiple choice questions.
    • You will need to bring a pen, or writing utensil of your choice, to use to complete the written portion of the exam.
    • All material to write upon will be provided the day of the exam.
  7. What if I have a documented reason for receiving an accommodation?

    • If you have a documented reason for receiving an accommodation, you need to call Kathy Boone (Assoc. VP of Academic Affairs) at least two weeks in advance at 716-839-8301 during regular business hours. She will verify any entitlement.
    • You also need to self-identify to Marybeth Fortune at least two weeks in advance at so appropriate arrangements can be made in advance to support your success.
  8. Who is marking the exam? When will I know my results?

    • Daemen professors and course instructors will begin marking the exams as soon as possible after the exams have been written.
    • When you register for the exam the day of the exam, you will be assigned a coded identifier that will be used to identify your exam booklets (i.e., instead of writing your name on your answer booklets, you write a coded identifier on your booklets). This coded identifier will protect your identity and support the evaluator’s ability to grade your work as objectively as possible.
    • Communication from Daemen College regarding your exam results will be given to you as quickly as possible (the goal is to communicate results within 3 weeks of the day of writing the exam) via email. Every effort will be made to communicate results as soon as possible without compromising the quality of the grading process. A written letter for your files confirming your results will be sent to your mailing address later in the semester.
    • If you have earned a PASS (minimum of 75%) on the comprehensive exam, you will be notified that you have earned a PASS; subsequently “successful completion of comprehensive exams” and the date you successfully earned this degree requirement (i.e., January 23rd, 2010) will be noted for transcript purposes. Unlike coursework and course grades, if you have earned a PASS you will not be given additional details about your performance.
    • If you did not earn a PASS on the comprehensive exam, you will be contacted via e-mail; you will also be contacted personally and offered individual remedial assistance specific to your weaknesses evidenced on your specific test performance in order to support your success on the make-up exam. If you do not earn a pass on the comprehensive exam, you will have to rewrite both parts of the exam (the written response portion and the multiple choice portion). The comprehensive make-up exam will be comprised of the same written response question and a different set of multiple-choice questions. While the previously mentioned efforts from Daemen College will be offered to you in an effort to support your successful completion of the comprehensive exam regarding your second attempt, it is primarily the responsibility of the individual student to adequately prepare in advance.

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