Advisory Board

Belle-Isle, Michael Director Special Education/Pupil Personnel Services/Amherst
Benz, Dr. Sharon Director/Center for Sustainable Communities and Civic Engagement/Daemen College
Brandjes, Christian Associate Professor,Visual & Performing Arts/Daemen College
Brogan, Michael Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College/Daemen College
Fox, Dr. Mary Director of Alternative Certification Programs/Daemen College
Krickovich, Dr. Susan Undergraduate Chair, Education Dept./Daemen College
Locke-Scott, Susan SETRC/SIG Office/Erie 1 BOCES
Muldoon, Rob Training Manager/Parent Network of WNY
O'Dell, Dr. Robin Ass't Professor Math Dept./Buffalo State College
Pierowicz, Margie Administrative Assistant, Thomas Reynolds Center/Daemen College
Scirri, Dr. Mindy Academy Coordinator/Diverse Learner Academy
Sedota, Catherine  Academy Coordinator/Math Academy
Waterrose, Lisa Director/Thomas Reynolds Center
Williams, Adriane  Daemen College 
Wolf, Dr. Mary  Assistant Professor/Visual & Performing Arts/Daemen College
Wright, Elizabeth Associate Dean for the Education Department/Daemen College
Zawodzinski, Cathy  Data Manager/Education Department/Daemen College

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Students outside Rosary Hall

That’s the best way to really get a feel for what Daemen is all about! Daemen is located in suburban Amherst, New York just minutes away from the city of Buffalo. To schedule a weekday individual interview and tour the campus, email us or call 800.462.7652.

World of Opportunity Wizard

Wow! We have students studying from Saudi Arabia at Daemen College!

Eighteen students from Saudi Arabi are participating in the Health Care Studies, Natural Science, Executive Leadership and Change, etc programs. 

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Annual Fund Operator  

Annual Fund

An on-going appeal, the Annual Fund directs gifts to support the scholarship fund and general operations of the college.