Dr. John S. Frederick, Executive Director

Suzanne Chamberlain, Adjunct Instructor

Christina Coyle, Adjunct Instructor

Margarita Coyne, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Steven J. Harvey Adjunct Instructor,

Arlene Kaukus, Adjunct Instructor

Anthony Latona, Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Richanne Mankey, Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Susan M. Marchione Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Lisa Napora, Adjunct Instructor

Robert Miller, Adjunct Instructor

Kimberly Pagano, Adjunct Instructor,

Dr. Joseph Sankoh, Associate Professor of History & Government

Joseph Winter, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Accounting

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Wow! Did you know that Daemen Physical Therapy students excel on the national licensure exam?

The Daemen College Weighted Average Ultimate Pass Rate based on the most current data as reported by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (2009-2011) is 100%, with our graduates demonstrating first time pass rates above both state and national averages each year.

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