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ELC is hosting a webinar: Optimizing Organizational Storytelling for Leadership, Change & Engagement Efforts - "Leader as Subject: Michel Foucault’s Last Lectures".

DATE: Wednesday August 12, 2015
TIME:12:00 Noon - 1:00 (with an additional optional discussion)
LOCATION: Research and Information Commons (RIC) Room 101

Description: Foucault was addressing the topic of leader development through the lens of pagan philosophers and playwrights from the first and second century. What he discovered is an emphasis on leaders becoming a Subject first – that is, an agent committed to constituting a beautiful life based on governing oneself. This is what he meant by “practices of subjectivation”. It was believed that only by being able to govern oneself is one qualified to govern others. Thus, from this perspective, leader development would begin with such practices. In its absence, a prospective leader becomes an unwitting object, if not a victim of the uses of powers. After years of studying how power shapes us and controls, Foucault was finally asking how we might extricate ourselves from it and hold it to account.

Please RSVP to Margie Pierowicz at 839-8572 or mpierowi@daemen.edu

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