Bachelor of Science in Nursing (1+2+1 curriculum)

Core Curriculum

Freshman students entering the 1+2+1 Nursing curriculum are required to complete one Learning Community comprised of two linked courses with a common theme. The linked courses are taken in the same term. The Research and Presentation requirement of the core is met by successful completion of NUR432 and 453. While students in this curriculum are not required to complete studies in each competency and core requirement, it is strongly recommended that students complete any elective credits taken at Daemen in courses which have a competency and that students select courses in as many of the competencies and other course requirements as possible, thereby enhancing their educational experience at Daemen. A complete description of the core and its requirements is available in the Core Curriculum section of the Daemen catalogue. Courses which satisfy a portion or complete a core requirement will have such designation indicated after the course title.

Required Daemen Studies in All Curricula


    • BIO207/207L Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab  (4/0)
    • BIO208/208L Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab (4/0)
    • BIO407 Pathophysiology (3)
    • NUR315 Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice (3)
    • NUR316 Holistic Perspectives (3) CS Students must enroll in designated section for 1-2-1 students
    • NUR317/L Professional Nursing Practice I/Lab (6/0)
    • NUR417/L Professional Nursing Practice II/Lab (6/0)
    • NUR432 Professional Issues (3) - NOTE: IN COMBINATION WITH NUR453/L = RP
    • NUR453/L Professional Nursing Practice III/Lab (6/0) - ILIT - NOTE: IN COMBINATION WITH NUR432 = RP

    • CMP101 English Composition (3) - CS, IL; WI
    • CHE101 General Chemistry (3) - CT
    • IND101 Sustainable & Critical Relationships (3)
    • MTH104 Survey of Statistics (3) - CT, QL
    • PSY103 Introduction to Psychological Science (3) - CI

Additional Requirements for Students Completing Studies at Partner Institution: Erie Community College (ECC)


    • BIO 230/231 Microbiology and Lab (3/1)
    • NU116/117 Health Promotion/Lab (4/4)
    • NU126/127 Health Maintenance/Lab (4/4)
    • NU128 Physical Assessment (3)
    • NU236/237 Health Restoration: Acute/Simple; Lab (5/5.5)
    • NU246/247 Health Restoration: Acute/Complex; Lab (5/5.5)
    • NU238 Pharmacology for Nurses (3)
  2. REQUIREMENTS OUTSIDE OF THE MAJOR: 19 credits: 13 taken at ECC; 6 taken at Daemen

    • ECC:

      • Select one:
        • EN111 Composition & Interpretation of Literature (3)
        • EN121 Composition & Readings in Science and Literature (3)
      • MT111 Mathematics of Dosage Calculation for Patient Care(1)
      • PS201 Developmental Psychology (3)
      • 6 credits in Social Science electives

    • DAEMEN:

      • 3 credits in Philosophy
      • 3 credits in Social Science elective
  3. ELECTIVES: 8 credits to be taken at Daemen in any area other than Nursing

TOTAL CURRICULUM REQUIREMENTS = 127 CREDITS (67 taken at Daemen; 60 taken at ECC)


Additional Requirements for Students Completing Studies at Partner Institution: Genesee Community College (GCC)

  1. MAJOR: NATURAL SCIENCES AND NURSING: 51 credits: 48 taken at GCC; 3 taken at Daemen

    • GCC:
      • BIO122 Pharmacology (3)
      • BIO201 Microbiology and Human Disease (4)
      • NUR110 Nursing 1 (7)
      • NUR120 Nursing 2 (9)
      • NUR210 Nursing 3 (8)
      • NUR215 Leadership 1 (2)
      • NUR220 Nursing 4 (8)
      • NUR225 Leadership 2 (2)
      • NUR250 Nursing 5 (5)
    • DAEMEN:
      • NUR305 Health Assessment (3)
  2. REQUIREMENTS OUTSIDE OF THE MAJOR: 15 credits: 9 taken at GCC; 6 taken at Daemen

    • GCC:
      • BIO108 Human Nutrition OR other course selected with the authorization of the Daemen 1+2+1 Curriculum Director
      • ENG102 Composition in the Natural and Social Sciences (3)
      • PSY203 Developmental Psychology Across Lifespan (3)
    • DAEMEN:
      • SOC201 Introductory Sociology (3) - CT
      • 3 credits in Philosophy  

3.    ELECTIVES: 12 credits: 6 taken at GCC; 6 taken at Daemen in any area other than Nursing


TOTAL CURRICULUM REQUIREMENTS = 131 CREDITS (68 taken at Daemen; 63 taken at GCC)

Additional Requirements for Students Completing Studies at Partner Institution: Trocaire College (not accepting new students, effective Fall 2014)

  1. MAJOR: NATURAL SCIENCES AND NURSING: 40 credits: 37 taken at Trocaire; 3 taken at Daemen


    • BIO223/L Microbiology/Lab (3/1)
    • NU110 Health Assessment and Promotion (1)
    • NU112 Nursing Concepts (5)
    • NU114-115 Medication Essentials I-II (1/1)
    • NU116 Professional Issues I (1)
    • NU122-214 Health Restoration I –II (6/5)
    • NUR124 Maternal/Newborn Nursing (2)
    • NU216 Professional Issues II (0)
    • NUR217 Pediatric Nursing (2)
    • NU220 Mental Health Nursing (2)
    • NU222 Health Restoration III (7)
    • DAEMEN:

    • NUR305 Health Assessment (3)
  2. REQUIREMENTS OUTSIDE OF THE MAJOR: 15 credits: all taken at Trocaire


  4. EN102 Introduction to Literature (3)
  5. PH103 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
  6. PH205 Ethics in Health Care (3)
  7. PSY102 Developmental Psychological Science (3)
  8. SOC101 Principles of Sociology (3)
  9. ELECTIVES: 13 credits: 3 taken at Trocaire; 10 taken at Daemen in any area other than Nursing

TOTAL CURRICULUM REQUIREMENTS = 121 CREDITS (66 at Daemen; 55 at Trocaire)

Admission Requirements

  1. An advanced Regent’s Diploma (or equivalent)
  2. Minimum 88% overall high school average
  3. SAT greater than 1000 (minimum of 550 on the mathematics section)

Admission to Partner School/Continuance in the Curriculum

  1. ECC and GCC Partners: Completion of 32 required credits at Daemen
  2. ECC and GCC Partners:  Minimum grades of C in all courses
  3. ECC Partner:  Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00
  4. GCC Partner:  Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75  

Associate Degree

The Associate degree is conferred by the partner institution upon successful completion of studies through Year 3. Graduates are eligible to sit for the NCLEX licensure exam.

BS: Daemen Graduation Requirements

  1. Minimum grade of C in all Nursing courses taken at Daemen College
  2. An overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 in courses taken at Daemen College
  3. RN licensure is required in order to progress to Year 4 second semester.

Suggested Course Sequence

Access the suggested course sequences for: BS,1+2+1 with ECC, BS, 1+2+1 with GCCBS, 1+2+1 with Trocaire, from the Nursing Department web page or the Program Plans site on the Registrar’s web page.

Individual plans of study will be developed as appropriate.


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