Mission and Description of the Physician Assistant Program

The mission of the Daemen College Physician Assistant Program is to educate capable individuals to meet the challenges of providing quality health care services with the supervision of a licensed physician.

The specific objectives of the program are to:

  • Educate the student to function as a competent, compassionate and dedicated physician assistant with the ability to effectively access, evaluate, and apply relevant and valid information using a variety of information resources.
  • Graduate the student with the requisite medical knowledge to pass the national certification examination.
  • Sensitize the student to the diversity of health care needs and the impact of socioeconomic factors on health care and its availability.
  • Educate the student with the intent of having him/her provide health care services in medically underserved areas or to underserved populations.
  • Foster in each student a desire to pursue medical education as a continuous and lifelong process.


The Physician Assistant Program is three years (33 months) in duration and affords each student an understanding of the medical sciences and their application to clinical situations. The first two academic years are devoted to didactic work in the basic medical sciences, fundamentals of clinical medicine, professional issues, and the psychosocial aspects of health care delivery. Students spend the third year completing 40 weeks (about 2,000 hours) of supervised clinical practice experiences in various teaching hospitals, clinics and physician offices.

A student applying without a bachelors degree may be admitted to the College as a freshmen.  A seat in the Physician Assistant Program is reserved pending completion of all prerequisite coursework, core curriculum requirements, direct patient contact experiences, and meeting the Program's published academic standards. Four academic semesters, at a minimum, are required to complete the prerequisite coursework and core curriculum requirements. A combined BS/MS degree may be earned in five years.

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