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Daemen is currently accepting applications for Fall 2015.

We are pleased to offer all full time Master in Public Health students a 30% discount off tuition costs for each of their full-time semesters of 9 credits or more.

Questions about the MPH program?

What is it?

Femal Graduate Student in the RICThe Master in Public Health (MPH) program is designed to prepare graduates for a successful career as public health professionals. Preparation is grounded in a curriculum that promotes excellence in public health education, community health service, research, and advocacy for the profession. Daemen's MPH offers an interdisciplinary student-centered approach to understanding public health that prepares students to work side-by-side with community health care teams for promoting public health education, service and research at local, national, and global levels, and that respect and understand cultural, socioeconomic, and racial/ethnic issues to make a difference in public health.

The MPH degree is comprised of 45 credit hours in competencies across five key public health areas: (1) biostatistics, (2) epidemiology, (3) health services administration, (4) health education/behavioral science and (5) environmental health. Students also complete a practicum, which provides for real-world applications of their training and builds experience working directly with public health professionals.

What can I do with a MPH?

Students completing a MPH degree will be prepared for important and rewarding career opportunities in areas that include health departments, managed care, community based organizations, global health organizations, hospitals, consulting groups and research teams.

Why A Daemen MPH?

Flexible Schedule 

  • A later afternoon/evening design and portion of the curriculum in a hybrid or online format is geared toward the working student.
  • Daemen's MPH can be completed in a full-time format in approximately 16-24 months, but a part-time format is also possible.

Specialty Tracks 

  • MPH students may choose to pursue one of three specialty tracks of study, including Epidemiology, Community Health Education, and a Generalist Track. Students may also choose a focus in Global Health, which provides students with the opportunity for tailoring their education toward an increased understanding of global public health issues.

Student Centered Learning 

  • Daemen's private College learning environment provides for an individualized and personal approach to learning, with an exceptionally favorable student-to-instructor ratio.

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