Call for Student Proposals

Proposal Deadline: Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Daemen College is pleased to announce the campus-wide 2015 Academic Festival to be held on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. The 2015 Festival is the 15th year for this event. The Festival will again be a celebration of the academic year through student presentations, exhibitions and performances. Students from all majors and faculty members will have the opportunity to present their academic and artistic achievements to the College community. Because students and faculty are expected to attend the Festival, classes will not be held between 8AM and 4PM. Other special campus events will be scheduled in conjunction with the Festival.

An Invitation to Participate

Begin thinking now about doing a Festival project. Projects may take a variety of forms. The Festival has been scheduled to accommodate work completed in either 2014 or 2015 semesters. Presentations may be given by students alone or in collaboration with faculty. They may be based on term papers, class projects, senior theses, research or independent study projects, and internships. Presentations may also include art displays, musical or theatrical performances. Need ideas? Look at the program from last year's Academic Festival.

Presentation Formats

Presentation - This is a presentation given jointly by 1 or 2 people (please supply the name of the other presenter on the submission form). You will be able to give a 20 minute presentation in a seminar/classroom setting in front of a group of faculty & students. You may use computers, technology or displays to enhance your presentation. You may ask for questions from the audience. Please see suggestions.

Group Presentation - This is a presentation given by 3 or more people. Depending on the size of the group, you will be given approximately 40 minutes for your presentation(s) on your project or experience. You should divide up time for each person. Submit your proposal with the names and emails of everyone involved. You may use computers, technology or displays to enhance your group talk. If you will need more than 40 minutes, please state this on your proposal.

Poster Presentation-You will prepare your information on a large printed poster (a template is on this website), which will be tacked on a large exhibit board. All posters will be displayed on exhibit boards in the Gym during the Poster Session (9 – 10:30 AM). There may be 80 – 100 other posters displayed at this session. You are expected to stand in front of your poster for the entire time, to discuss your project. If you are submitting a project with another person, add that person’s name and email to your proposal.  See requirements for poster sessions.

Debate - Each group will have 40 minutes total. This debate must represent at least two conflicting viewpoints. The group will provide its own moderator. Time should be allotted within the 40 minute block. Only one proposal form should be submitted. All participant's names must be provided.

Exhibit - Describe the project or design, type of location requested, and special requirements. Exhibits should be displayed for the entire day. You will be scheduled for a 20 minute artist talk as part of your exhibit. Please prepare a one page "Exhibit Notes" handout.

Performance - Generally these should run 1 hour maximum: They may be 20 minutes, 40 minutes or 1 hour. Describe the project or design, type of location requested, and special requirements. Names and e-mail addresses of all participants must be provided.

Other - Describe the project or design, the time and type of location requested, and special requirements. Names and e-mail addresses of participants must be provided.


Submitting and Reviewing Proposals

All proposals must be submitted electronically from this web site. We cannot accept handwritten or typed Proposal Forms. The actual projects or presentations do not need to be finished when the Proposal Forms are submitted, although the Abstract must be complete. The Abstract is a brief paragraph describing your project. Please limit your description to 160 words (1000 characters). All Abstracts will be published in the Academic Festival booklet. In March, you will receive confirmation of the time and location for your presentation. You must be responsible for sharing this information with co-presenters or team members. Any substantial changes to a Proposal must be brought to the Committee’s attention as soon as possible. If there are any problems in submitting your proposal, contact Conference & Events at 839-8253.

Faculty Sponsorship

Each student proposal must receive a faculty sponsor's approval in order to be accepted by the Academic Festival Committee. Each student who wishes to participate in the Academic Festival should consult with a faculty member prior to submitting a proposal. The faculty sponsor will provide guidance to support the student's preparation of a project, discussing the student's work-in-progress and offering suggestions for improvement. The faculty sponsor should determine that the student's work is of acceptable quality, based on the standards of the academic discipline. The student project should also meet all of the criteria appropriate to the submission category.

Steps for Submitting a Proposal

  1. Please complete your Proposal Form with all contact information requested and include your completed Abstract. The form is now closed.
  2. Send the Proposal Form back to the Academic Festival Committee. If a section of your Form has not been completed, you will receive notice so that you may provide the missing information. Your faculty sponsor will automatically receive notice of your Proposal.
  3. Ask your Faculty Sponsor to send approval to the Academic Festival Committee. No action can be taken on your Proposal until this formal approval has been received from your faculty sponsor.
  4. Proposals are due no later than Tuesday, February 17, 2015. No exceptions so please plan ahead.
  5. Watch the Festival website for more information!

Requirements for Poster Presentation

The Poster Session will be held in the Gym from 9 - 10:30 AM. Posters will be mounted on large exhibit boards (free standing). The Poster Session runs 1-1/2 hours and consists of individual posters displayed around the room. From 9 - 10:30 AM, you should stand next to your poster and be available to answer questions about your project. After 10:30 AM, posters remain on display until 2 PM so people can spend more time looking at them. Pick up your poster at that time.

Your project must include three elements:

  1. a visual element : a poster with images, a video, a painting, a collage, etc. The visual should attract attention and should offer an image that communicates your topic to the audience.
  2. a written element : a handout or descriptive text mounted on your poster, a detailed explanation of your project for the benefit of the audience.
  3. a verbal element: you must be present during your session to discuss your project with members of the audience.

We recommend that posters be created in PowerPoint (see template) and submitted to the Daemen Printing Office for printing. Posters will be 56" x 42" maximum size (the printer prints 42" maximum in 1 dimension). We will provide pins or thumbtacks to display boards provided at the Festival. If your poster proposal is accepted, further information about templates and costs will be sent to you. Posters should be easy to read and not crowded. Be selective and save non-essential, but interesting information for the informal discussion.

Posters should contain the following sections:

  1. Title
  2. Author(s) and major(s)
  3. Main body. Because each poster will be viewed from a distance of 2 or more feet, it is recommended that the largest possible type or bold-face be used for the following sections:
    • Introduction
    • Discussions, Methods and Results
    • Illustrations, in either tabular or graphic format, should be used to support the major points and be clearly identified.

Science or psychology majors may prepare posters according to professional requirements or APA format.

For questions on poster sessions, contact Brenda Young.

View some poster examples

Suggestions for Presentations

Prepare an oral presentation differently than you would prepare a manuscript. Concentrate on the main points and keep reminding the audience what the central theme is by relating each major section of the presentation to the theme. The speaker’s traditional strategy is still valid: tell the audience what you are going to say, say it, and then tell them what you have said.

The audience wants to know (a) what you studied and why, (b) how you conducted the research, (c) what you discovered, and (d) the implications of your discoveries. A verbal presentation should create awareness of the topic and stimulate interest; audience members can retrieve the details from a written paper (you might want to have copies available or indicate the on-line address at which copies can be downloaded).

Tell the audience what you have to say, just as in conversation. Having written notes in front of you while speaking will help you maintain focus, but use an outline of topic sentences rather than a complete manuscript.

Finally, rehearse your presentation until you can speak comfortably and look at notes only occasionally. If your presentation includes slides, posters, or other visuals, be sure they are readable and comprehensible from a distance. The best rehearsal is under conditions similar to the actual presentation. You are prepared for an oral presentation when you can succinctly tell your audience, eye-to-eye, what you want them to know.

For helpful suggestions on preparing for your presentations, contact John Frederick or Sabrina Fennell.

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