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Neighborhood Partners

Daemen College is proud of the partnerships it has developed and sustained over the last decade, specifically within three local disadvantaged neighborhoods: Seneca Babcock, the West Side, and Broadway Fillmore. Each of these partnerships aims to address a variety of social, educational, economic, cultural, and environmental problems that create barriers to a neighborhood’s sustainability, and future growth and development. Through the service learning program, Daemen students provide after-school tutoring and mentoring in computers, English, math, and reading, as well as recreational programs for the hundreds of youth in these low-income communities. Other service projects to benefit the residents of these neighborhoods have included: housing rehabilitation projects, summer reading camps, neighborhood block club and community events (National Night Out, Teen Challenge), art, senior citizen, and athletic programs, assistance with tax preparation, health awareness clinics and workshops, and much needed support and services to refugee and international populations.

Service Learning Sites

Neighborhood Placements

Seneca Babcock

  • Seneca Street Church
  • Seneca Babcock Boys & Girls Club
  • Seneca Babcock Community Center
  • Seneca Street Church Teen Program

West Side

  • Asbury Shalom Zone
  • Butler Mitchell Boys & Girls Club
  • Lafayette High School
  • Jericho Road Ministries/FLY Program
  • West Side Community Services
  • West Side Ministries/Housing Rehabilitation

Broadway Fillmore

  • Martin Luther King Elementary School #39
  • St. John Tower (senior residential living)
  • Matt Urban Center
  • Response To Love

Additional Placements

  • People, Inc./YALT @ Daemen College
  • Build Academy
  • Habitat for Humanity of Buffalo
  • Baker Victory
  • DePaul Living Opportunities/McKinley Square
  • St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen
  • Upstate New York Transplant Services
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
  • Weinberg Campus
  • WNY Earth Day

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Health Care Studies Professor Justine Tutuska, accompanied by her students, traveled to the Dominican Republic to work on Public Health Issues and school building.

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