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Attention Students!!

Are you interested in publishing in an on-line student journal? Do you have written work, art and design projects, or multimedia presentations that you would like to share? Then PLEASE consider submitting your material for Daemen to share with sister institutions with whom we are affiliated through CIEL On-line Journal of Student Work.

The following offer guidelines to help you in making your decision.

The idea/vision:

A space where students can share the kind of work that is generated at our (CIEL) varied institutions.


Last year's theme was Courage to Question - Courage to Dream. We interpreted that theme very broadly. This year's theme will be Finding Edges and Crossing Boundaries – again, interpreted very broadly.


Photography and Photo Essay
Art and Design

Process for review and submission:

Students at Daemen College are to submit their work to Dr. Nancy Marck, Associate Professor, English Department.

Parameters and criteria for inclusion :

All the pieces should appropriately 'represent' the Daemen College campus.

•  The author's 'voice' should be manifest. (In other words, although we would not summarily exclude more formal 'research' pieces where the student or faculty is distanced from the perspective or point of view, our hope is to ‘hear' our students' voices more directly.)
•  Daemen College can submit up to 10 pieces (one per author)
•  Each piece should include a short (= or < 30 words) bio of the author
•  The work should translate easily to 'virtual' format. Here's the guidelines we used last year:   

•  Written work including fiction or non-fiction, poetry, essay, position papers, rants, etc.
•  format : best submitted as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (so that formatting can be preserved), although work could be converted to Acrobat files by Studio 33 if submitted in other forms but they should be include the desired formatting.
•  length : =or < 500 words for prose or 40 lines for poetry
•  Still images including photos, drawings, cartoons, etc.
•  format : should be submitted as JPEG files,
•  size : with an image size within these limits (75 dpi, no larger than 12" wide x 9 inches high; or with a horizontal size not to exceed 1024 pixels by a vertical size not to exceed 800 pixels)
•  Video/audio
•  format: should be QuickTime, AVI , OR MPEG-3 or 4 formats
•  size: no larger than 1.5 megabytes
•  Interactive work
•  format: s hould be in Flash or Shockwave form or other .EXE (executable) format
•  size: file size limit not yet defined.

Due date

The submission date should be no later than May 1 with a targeted July 1 publication date.

Good luck!

Daemen College Representative for CIEL

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