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January 12-16, 2005, Ed Clausen, Mary Fox, Kathy Murphy, and two students, Laura Kilgus and Lauren Nedwick, along with other participants from CIEL institutions, were invited to Patagonia, AZ, to attend a colloquium, sponsored by the Bellows Foundation, for the purpose of conceptualizing a New Center for Field Studies in Southeastern Arizona. Stephen Boyle, who formed the Bellows Foundation in order to facilitate the development of a Field Education Center in collaboration with existing colleges and universities, paid all expenses including travel. The picturesque setting for this undertaking was the Circle Z Ranch, an historic guest ranch in the mountains southeast of Tucson. Between brainstorming sessions at the Ranch, guests were invited to sample some of the activities that would be available at the Center, including visiting the US/Mexico border, hiking in the Sonoran Desert, visiting the San Pedro River, touring the San Xavier del Bac Mission, traveling to see petroglyphs, and exploring on horseback at least part of the 6,500-acre ranch.

While our primary focus was on creating the field studies center, the opportunity for meeting other CIEL objectives was also explored. Examples included further defining the potential roles and contributions of student coordinators and bringing together faculty with common teaching and/or research interests. Daemen is a member of CIEL, a Consortium of Innovative Environments for Learning, and is therefore able to offer our faculty and students a range of possible opportunities, including both faculty and student exchanges, curriculum collaboration and participation in a wealth of international programs available through any of the CIEL institutions. For more information on CIEL, please visit the website at For information on the international programs currently being offered, please go to
You can also contact Mary Fox, the campus coordinator for CIEL, at

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Health Care Studies Professor Justine Tutuska, accompanied by her students, traveled to the Dominican Republic to work on Public Health Issues and school building.

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