Alternative Payment Options



1)         PAYMENT PLANS

Daemen College offers a four-month or five-month payment plan per semester. Any student wishing to enroll

in a Payment Plan must do so with the Office of Student Accounts by the first day of classes each semester.

The first monthly payment will be expected at that time.

Office of Student Accounts:  (716) 839-8213  Duns Scotus Room 112



If the maximum Federal Stafford Loans awarded to a student are not sufficient, additional Federal loans are available depending on your eligibility.           

►  Federal Parent (PLUS) Loan for Undergraduate Students

This loan is a Federal Loan for the parents of dependent undergraduate students.

The annual loan limit is the cost of attendance less other financial aid. Parents wishing to apply for a Parent PLUS loan need to visit A credit check will be required. 

 ►  Federal Grad PLUS Loan for Graduate Students

This loan is a Federal Loan for graduate students.

The annual loan limit is the cost of attendance less other financial aid. Graduate students wishing to apply for a Grad PLUS loan need to visit A credit check will be required



►  Alternative / Private Educational Loans  (Non-Federal)

These are loans through financial institutions that help fill the gap between the costs of attendance

less other financial aid. Students apply directly with the lender. A credit check will be required.

Many lenders will require a co-signer in order to approve the loan.

The list of lenders below is provided as a service to our students to assist them in the loan selection process.

Lenders on our list have demonstrated a commitment to providing competitive loan terms, the very

best in customer service, technology and quick loan processing.

The college solicited a Request For Information (RFI) from numerous lending institutions and evaluated their responses based on the above criteria.

Students and parents have the right to select a lender of their choice regardless of our list and

will suffer no penalty for selecting a lender who is not on our list. Daemen College also recommends that students maximize their Federal Loan eligibility before utilizing a Alternative/Private loan to help pay college expenses.

For a comparative list of benefits and services provided by lenders listed below, visit:              


Citizens Bank

(Trufit Student Loan)


Application Disclosure Link



(Discover Student Loan)


Application Disclosure Link 


Sallie Mae

(Smart Option Loan)

(877) 279-7172

Application Disclosure Link

SunTrust Bank

(Custom Choice Loan)


Application Disclosure Link

Wells Fargo

(Collegiate Loan)

(800) 658-3567

Application Disclosure Link

International Education

Students in all majors at Daemen are encouraged to pursue part of their college studies abroad thru the Global Programming Office. At Daemen you can study at Australia, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, China, the Dominican Republic just to name a few!

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Wow! Did you know Daemen students can start internships early on?

Daemen students can start their internship experiences at the beginning of their sophomore year.

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