Outside Private Scholarship Opportunities






Database/Organization Description Website
Adventures in Education General database search of scholarships www.aie.org/Scholarships/
American Addiction Centers   Up to $5000 Scholarship  http://americanaddictioncenters.org/behavioral-health-academic-scholarship/
American Indian Education Foundation Must be Native American or Alaska Native  www.nrcprograms.org
A Place For Mom Senior Car Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship  www.aplaceformom.com/scholarship. 
BankingSense.com  College Scholarships & Grants Guide   http://www.bankingsense.com/college-scholarships-grants-guide-where-to-apply/  
Best price Nutrition Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship   http://www.bestpricenutrition. com/scholarship.html
Big Sun Athletic Scholarship Must be a high school senior or attending a postsecondary institute; must be a student athlete www.bigsunathletics.com
CareerInfoNet General database search of scholarships www.careerinfonet.org/scholarshipsearch/
College Board General database search of scholarships bigfuture.collegeboard.org
College Data General database search of scholarships www.college-scholarships.com
College Funds Membership required www.collegefunds.net
College Net General database search of scholarships www.collegenet.com
Community Foundation Scholarship Program Must be a resident of one of the 8 WNY counties www.cfgb.org
Congressional Hispanic
Caucus Institute
Offered to Latino students who perform public service-oriented activities in their communities


CustomMade Furniture Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship     http://www.custommade.com/scholarships/consumer-advantages-of-buying-custom-furniture-scholarship/ 
CustomMade Jewelry Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship http://www.custommade.com/scholarships/consumer-advantages-of-buying-custom-jewelry-scholarship/ 
Digital Brands Inc.  Annual $1000 Scholarship to Graphic Design or related field majors http://www.printaholic.com/scholarship/ 
Emergency Nurses Association Money for research in the field of emergency nursing www.ena.org/foundation/
Eraserclinic.com Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship  http://www.eraserclinic.com/scholarship
FastWeb General database search of scholarships www.fastweb.com
Federal Scholarships and Aid Gateways Resources on all Federal Aid programs www.fedmoney.org/
FindTuition General database search of scholarships www.findtuition.com
Foundation For Jewish Philanthropies Must be a Jewish student who have attended high school in either Erie or Niagara County in NY www.jewishphilanthropies.org
Free 4U General database search of scholarships www.free-4u.com
Frontier Communications  $2000 Scholarship Essay    http://internet.frontier.com/internet-scholarship.html
Goedeker's Appliance Scholarship   $500 Scholarship  http://www.goedekers.com/college-scholarship
Hellenic Times Scholarship Must be of Greek descent between the ages of 17-25 www.htsfund.org
HESC Must be NY State student www.hesc.com
Hispanic College Fund Scholarships for Latino students www.hispanicfund.org
Home Insurance Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship  https://homeinsurance.com/home-insurance-scholarship.html
Homeowners Insurance Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship  https://homeownersinsurance.com/scholarship.html
International Education Information and scholarships for students wishing to study abroad www.iefa.org
Institute of International Education Information and scholarships for students wishing to study abroad www.studyabroadfunding.org
 Insurance Providers Scholarship  Scholarship awarding annually  www.insuranceproviders.com/look-twice-save-a-life-scholarship
Junior League of Buffalo   $2000 Scholarship to graduating female high school seniors.  http://www.jlbuffalo.org/
Korean American Scholarship Foundation For students who are Korean or Korean American www.kasf.org
Lightning55 Scholarship   $1250 Scholarship  http://www.lighting55.com/scholarship
Marketing EDGE Scholarships   Undergrad & grad scholarships opportunities for students pursuing careers in marketing.  http://www.marketingedge.org/students/marketing-scholarships
Marine Corp  For the children of active duty, reserve, or former Marine www.marine-scholars.org
Max McElhaney Memorial Scholarship   $2500 Scholarship  http://www.rockylawfirm.com/max-mcelhaney-memorial-educational-scholarship
Mesothelioma Scholarship                        $10,000 Annual Scholarship Essay contest. (10) Scholarships Awarded http://www.mesotheliomahelp.org/scholarship-contest/
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance                               $4000 Scholarship/semester  http://www.mesothelioma.com/scholarship/
Minority Nursing Scholarship Member of Minority groups who are working toward a degree in Nursing www.minoritynurse.com/scholarships
Moriarty's Gem Art Rock Hound Scholarship   $500 Scholarship http://www.tanzanitejewelrydesigns.com/scholarship/
National Debt Relief Scholarships   $1000 Scholarships                     http://www.nationaldebtrelief.com/#applyforscholarship
Newman,Anzalone & Newman LLP  $500 Scholarship   http://www.nyaccidentcase.com/scholarship.shtml
National Italian American Foundation Italian American students with a GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0 www.niaf.org
Nursing Scholarships Database of scholarships for those pursuing a degree in nursing www.discovernursing.com
NYS Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarships for those pursuing a career in Accounting www.nysscpa.org
Peterson's College Quest General database search of scholarships www.petersons.com
RN to BSN Nursing Scholarships   General database for nursing scholarships http://www.rntobsn.org/ 
Sallie Mae Scholarship Search   Scholarship search service https://www.salliemae.com/plan-for-college/scholarships/scholarship-search/?dtd_cell=SMPLSHDCOTDOBOOTOTHOTHRR010001 
Satelliteinternet   $1000 Scholarship
Scholars Site General database search of scholarships www.scholarsite.com
Scholarships General database search of scholarships www.scholarships.com
Scholarship America General database search of scholarships www.scholarshipamerica.org
Scholarship Experts General database search of scholarships www.scholarshipexperts.com
Scholarships 4 Students General database search of scholarships www.scholarships4students.com
Scott Gottlieb Annual Scholarship Essay Contest 


 Private $500 Undergraduate Scholarship                                                                        

ShipDig Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship  http://www.shipdig.com/scholarship/
Software Providers Scholarship  Private $1000 Scholarship  http://softwareproviders.com/scholarship
SoundOut Social Media Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship  http://soundout.net/social-media-scholarship/
Student Awards General database search of scholarships www.studentawards.com
Student Debt Relief Scholarships  $2000 Scholarship  http://www.studentdebtrelief.us/scholarship/
Study.com Scholarships   $500 - $1000 Scholarship  http://study.com/pages/Academic_Awards_Home.html
Super College General database search of scholarships www.supercollege.com
The Healthy.com  $500 Scholarship  TheHealthy.com Scholarship 
The Roothbert Fund General database search of scholarships www.roothbertfund.org
The Scholarship Page General database search of scholarships www.scholarship-page.com
Truman Foundation Graduate scholarships for students pursuing careers in government www.truman.gov
Student Scholarships General database search of scholarships www.studentscholarships.org
Scholarship Guidance General database search of scholarships www.scholarshipguidance.com
Union Marketing Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship  http://union.co/digital-marketing/scholarship
Vititoe Law Group Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship  www.vititoelawgroup.com/scholarship.shtml
Veterans United For active duty or veteran students and their family members www.veteransunited.com/about/scholarships/
 Zip Conferencing Scholarship $2500    http://www.zipconferencing.com/zip-conferencing-scholarship.php

Zumper Apartment Rental Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship https://www.zumper.com/apartments-scholarship
Remember! Scholarships are FREE money. 
You should never pay anything to receive a scholarship.

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International Business

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David was an international student from Caracas, Venezuela. He majored in International Business and had an internship at Liberty Pumps, which eventually turned into a job.