David Morales

Internationlal Business

Where are you from?

Caracas, Venezuela


What is your major?

International Business


What are the academics like on campus?

The teachers at Daemen are very prepared and they know what they are talking about; they know how to approach a student. I am a business major and the teachers have a lot of business experience outside the classroom which helps them teach us things that are not in the text books. The sizes of the classes at Daemen are between 15 and 30 students per class room which is really good because the student can become focuses and it can create a bond with the teacher. Also every class room is equipped with the latest technology facilitating the teaching and learning.


What are your hobbies?

Soccer, snowboarding, surfing, and golf.


What was Daemen College’s orientation like?  What was involved during orientation?  How did it help?

Daemen is my third college so far and my second one in the U.S. I never went to orientation in my past two colleges so I didn’t know what to expect or what I was going to do at Daemen's Orientation. Like most of the students that go to Orientation, especially me since I am an international student I was nervous and anxious to see how it was going to be. I have to say that it was a great experience, it was really helpful because I could met my academic advisor and she explained to me all that I needed to know about my major and my role as a student. Also she gave me some advice on how to be successful at Daemen. Orientation also gave me the chance to  feel comfortable around campus and in the classroom.  I met new people which is always good especially since I was new at the college.  Also orientation helped with meeting different offices and departments such as Residence Life and Service learning; these are offices which are helpful for students.


What is your favorite thing about Daemen College?

I don’t have a favorite thing about Daemen; I have a lot of favorite things about Daemen. The people here at Daemen are great from the students to the staff, they are all amazing people that will help no matter what. I had the chance to make a lot of good friends not only students but also with the Daemen staff and I have only been here for one semester. The library is also one of my favorite things at Daemen, it is a very nice and a comfortable place to study and do homework.  The Library is where I spend most of my time. I am a member of the Daemen soccer team and going to the trips and games with the team is one of my favorite things. Attending the volleyball and basketball games is also really fun and events like Midnight Madness and Spring Fest are things that all students love.


What department on campus has been extremely helpful to you during your time at Daemen?

I have used the learning Center on campus a couple times last semester and I am planning on doing it this semester too. It is really helpful for the all the students, it provides us an opportunity to be successful in college and the best of all it is free. Like most of the international students I struggled with writing and I went to the learning center for some help. It was a good experience they introduced me to a tutor also called a coach who met with me every week to work on my English; I am glad that I went there.


How have you been involved on campus?

I am a member of the Daemen Soccer Team; I am a Spanish Tutor and I also work in the admissions office and I participate in all the events that the Admissions Office organizes.


What is your favorite thing about Buffalo, NY?

One of my favorite things about Buffalo is the food, the people, the night life and going to Bills and Sabres games. Even though I am not a big fan of football or hockey, both sports are really fun to go to and experience.  Buffalo has a great college life and there are a lot of things that students can do to enjoy the college life. Also I can’t forget about Niagara Falls which is a place where everybody has to visit because it is truly amazing.


What has your experience at Daemen College been like?

My experience so far at Daemen has been amazing I am very happy to be here. Since the first day that I came here people treated me well, everybody has been great to me, which is always good even more for an international student. I have met tons of great people also made great friends. I will recommend anybody to come to Daemen because so far for me the experience has been excellent.


What is the Daemen College Campus like?

The campus is small compared to other colleges and it is very well organized. It has everything that a student can need. As a student we don’t have to walk far to get from one building to another like in other big colleges which is a good thing in the winter. Also the location of the campus is really good because it is in a safe and nice neighborhood and only 7 minutes from the mall, 15 minutes from Downtown Buffalo and all that we need as a student.


How different is education in the US from education in your country?           

The United States and Venezuela are two different countries with different cultures and values therefore the education is different. As I see it the books, theories and the knowledge are all the same no matter where you are. What makes the difference is how the teacher is going to translate all that to the student and what approach the teacher is going to use so the student can apply it in the future. At Daemen as a student we have the chance to create a good relationship with the teachers which is priceless when we are in college. 

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