Trevor Hill

Sports Management, Minor in Entrepreneurship

Where are you from?
Courtice, Ontario, Canada

What is your major?
Sports Management, Minor in Entrepreneurship

Why did you choose Daemen?
I chose Daemen because it is close to home, and the small class sizes allow me to interact. The interaction with classmates and professors really benefit my learning experience here.

What are the academics like on campus?
Academics are held at a high standard here at Daemen and the faculty challenge you to succeed while helping you do so.

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies include; playing sports such as soccer and hockey.  I like playing video games and hanging out with friends on campus.

What is your favorite thing about Daemen College?
My favorite thing about Daemen is the small campus atmosphere. Everyone knows each other, and everyone enjoys the company of each other.

What department on campus has been extremely helpful to you during your time at Daemen?
The athletic training department has been really helpful to me here at Daemen because I started studying athletic training when I first came to school here and they really helped me get settled into college life.

How have you been involved on campus? What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
I play for the Men’s soccer team, and am a part of the Sports Management club.

What is your favorite thing about Buffalo, NY?
My favorite thing about Buffalo is living in the city. It’s a change from living in a small town, and I enjoy the atmosphere of being so close to downtown.

What has your experience at Daemen College been like?
I’ve had a great experience at Daemen.  Playing soccer as well as attending class has taught me to become accountable, and responsible.

What is the Daemen College Campus like?
The Daemen campus is small and there are many events going on which makes living on campus enjoyable. Since the campus is small everybody hangs out together and get along well during the many events offered.

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