Ye - Accounting

Accounting - International Student

Where are you from?

Beijing, China

What is your major?

Bachelor of Science of Accounting

What are the academics like on campus?

Every professor is helpful; they welcome students to ask questions. For each class, we have a lot of group work and presentations that are required. The professors help us prepare for our group projects by talking to each other and sharing different ideas. 

What are your hobbies?

I like watching movies and TV shows.  I also enjoy hanging out with friends and working out.

What is your favorite thing about Daemen College?

My favorite thing about Daemen is the small campus; its very easy to meet people.

What department on campus has been extremely helpful to you during your time at Daemen?

It is really important that I am successful in my academic classes. Especially as an international student, English is not my first language; I need help with writing and reading.  I use the learning Center on Campus for every class even if I’m not having a difficult time in the class. I like to work with my academic coach to go though the class details before the test. For the more difficult classes, I usually meet my coach every week, so I can do well in class.

How have you been involved on campus?

I play on the Daemen woman’s volleyball team. I am the Treasure of the Chinese Culture Club. I also work in the Admissions Office and participate with campus events.

What is your favorite thing about Buffalo, NY?

I like going shopping to the Outlet mall and the Galleria Mall on the weekends. In the summer, I enjoy walking though Niagara Falls walkway. 

What has your experience at Daemen College been like?

Everyone is extremely nice and helpful, not only the professors or faculties, but also students. Before I was a student at Daemen, I visited the campus for a weekend and had the opportunity to meet the president of Daemen, I was introduced to him and the next day he remembered me.   

What is the Daemen College Campus like?

Daemen is a small and yet diverse campus, it is easy to meet people.  The Location of the campus is good. Amherst, NY is a safe town and the campus is close to the Mall, Downtown Buffalo and Niagara falls.

How different is education in the U.S from education in your country?

The United States and China are two different countries with two very different cultures. Chinese Universities focus on the textbook in the class, but in the United States, people focus on the experience and outside of classroom activities. There are lots of clubs and organizations in a US college. Students can work on what they are interested in outside of the classroom.  

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Wow! Did you know Daemen students can start internships early on?

Daemen students can start their internship experiences at the beginning of their sophomore year.

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