Cameron - Graphic Design

Cameron Garrity

Graphic Design

Cameron is a student who took full advantage of Daemen’s opportunities. He has spent a significant amount of time acting, puppeteering, writing, producing, and directing various productions associated with the theater department thanks to Think-Tank research grants from Daemen.

Cam also serves as President of the Honors Program. He has traveled throughout the country presenting his research on puppetry. His most recent project is developing the Geppetto Festival: A Day of Puppetry welcoming nationally recognized guests to perform at Daemen’s annual Academic Festival.

Why did you choose to come to Daemen?

I chose Daemen because of the small campus setting. Students receive individualized attention by the faculty, creative license to pursue projects, and opportunities to work in professional environments.

Why did you choose your major?

The arts have always been my strongest passion and I was highly attracted to Daemen's approach. All of our professors are professionals currently working in the industry; they are able to simulate real-world working environments during studio sessions. This process yields the best possible student work, truly preparing us for careers after graduation.

Have you completed an internship?

I worked as an intern with IBC Digital, Buffalo's premier animation studio, as a puppeteer in-residence. While at the studio, I worked on a series of commercials for a local business that specifically wanted to use puppets in their ads. This project is invaluable as a portfolio piece and also gave me firsthand experience keeping a production under budget, dealing with rigorous deadlines, and working with clients.

Have your expectations of Daemen been met?

Every expectation I had of Daemen, and college itself, has been far exceeded these last four years. This school has provided me with every resource available - creative license, administrative support, and grant opportunities. I have made invaluable connections and professional relationships that will prove paramount in my transition to a career in the arts. 

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