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A part of the college experience is exploring your major and understanding what career will make you most happy.  At Daemen College students like Dezarie get into real world applications of their career early in their undergraduate work.  In Dezarie's case it helped her realize what she really wanted to do so she could switch her major and graduate with a degree in psychology.

Why did you choose Daemen?

When visiting the campus, everyone I met was welcoming and I was given the opportunity to speak with current students. From this experience, I was confident that the professors were interested in assisting their students in succeeding and that there would be ample opportunities for me to stand out and gain resume building exposure. In addition I wanted to move away from home, but have the opportunity to return for holidays (3.5 hours was the perfect distance)!

Why did you choose your major?

Initially I entered Daemen as a physician assistant (PA) major. I thought PA would be a great way for me to help others on a personal level and I was interested in the complexity of the human body. As I progressed in my education and spent hours at the hospital shadowing a PA, I realized the profession was interesting, but not necessarily what I saw myself doing as a career. Upon deciding a change of major was necessary, I began looking into psychology knowing that assisting others was also a huge part of the psychology field. I met a fantastic psychology faculty member (Dr. Kashino) who informed me of the possible options with a psychology degree. I fell in love with the field and I cannot wait to begin my career in the field!

What impact have the faculty, staff and advisors at Daemen had on you?

The faculty and staff at Daemen have helped me to excel and reach my highest potential at the undergraduate level. When I needed assistance outside of class, I was able to reach the professors (often students even have the professors home number). The staff at Daemen is highly intelligent and they were able to help me with my change of major, financial questions, and gaining the necessary tools to become more independent.

What has been your experience living on campus?

From freshman year to sophomore year I have lived on campus. Living on campus offered many opportunities to meet people and make new friends right from the start. Freshman year was fantastic in Canavan; with everyone so close I immediately made new friends, which helped to make me feel at home. It was also convenient that there were on-campus functions that were so much fun and kept me busy.

Can you tell us about your internship?

I have had the opportunity to intern with a clinical psychologist at Roswell. This experience is something that is extremely hard to obtain at an undergraduate level, but with the connections at Daemen, I have been able to intern at Roswell for two years now. The internship has given me the opportunity to witness firsthand the work of a clinical psychologist, allowing me to decide on a similar career path. I feel I have already had an impact on others' lives.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Daemen is also one of the only colleges that at an undergraduate level psychology majors are required to complete original research to graduate. My research experience at Daemen will improve my resume and transcript as I apply to graduate college and jobs in the future.

Also, as part of my workstudy at Damen I obtained a position with the Center for Sustainable Communities. One of my job duties consisted of assisting at an afterschool program in Seneca Babcock. I have made a connection with many young children at the afterschool program and in doing so, I learned so much about myself. This experience has allowed me to become like a big sister to many of the children and gain skills that I will be able to utilize in future endeavors. I highly recommend the Seneca Babcock program to anyone looking for a Service Learning placement. It has truly been life changing and helped me to decide on a major that was right for me.

What do you like best about Daemen?

It is a tie between the size and the people! Daemen is small enough that I have had the opportunity to get to know the majority of the campus, gain experience that would not have been possible at a larger school, and make connections that have helped me to accomplish my education goals. The faculty and staff at Daemen are great resources and were available for more than just academic related concerns.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I plan to attend graduate school pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

What clubs or organizations have you been a part of at Daemen?

Psychology Club, Psi Chi, Student Association, Residence Life, Health and Wellness Club, Intramural Volleyball, Red Cross Club, Blue Crew, and Environmental Club.

Favorite campus activities:

Volleyball and spending time with friends.

Favorite campus hangout:

Volleyball court behind Wick!

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Wow! Have you heard about Students Without Borders?

Daemen Professors & Students from several departments work at a public clinic to provide free medical care in Progreso Dos in the Dominican Republic during the semester break.

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