Kino - Childhood/Special Education (1-6)

Childhood/Special Education (1-6)

Coming from a large metropolitan area, classroom size was very important in selecting a school as well as cultivating what Kino foresaw as the education he would provide to his future students. In 2013, Kino won the prestigious Teach for America award.

Why did you choose Daemen?

After researching many colleges and universities across the United States, I came across a small private suburban institution in Amherst, NY. I visited campus on Experience Daemen Day and knew Daemen was the perfect fit for me. Daemen had all the qualities I wanted in a college.

Why did you choose your major?

Choosing my major at Daemen College wasn’t really difficult for me. At the age of 9 I realized my passion for helping individuals. As an inclusive education major I wanted to give my future students the necessary tools and the ability to be creative thinkers in today’s society.

Describe an academic experience at Daemen that stands out.

One experience that comes to mind is my Special Education class freshman year where I had to complete observations in the classroom and role play assignments that allowed me to view the world from the viewpoint of a person who is disabled. This experience made me appreciate and understand individuals who are disabled.

What impact have the faculty, staff and advisors at Daemen had on you?

Faculty, staff and advisors have developed a good rapport with me over the course of my time at Daemen. They all have an open door policy and are always encouraging and motivating.

Can you describe your service learning experience?

I had several service learning opportunities but my favorite experience was assisting the students from Grover Cleveland High School with their college essays, filling out FAFSA, and applying to college. This opportunity not only made me feel like a mentor but also like a teacher to these students.

Describe any extracurricular involvement you had at Daemen. 

I have been actively involved in the Brother to Brother Organization where I served as the President. I’m also a part of the MultiCultual Association and Education Club. I also served in a leadership role as a tour guide in the Admissions Office.

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Daemen College is committed to ensuring that all students will receive sufficient financial assistance to attend the college based on financial need.

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