Sarah - Political Science/Pre-Law

Sarah Rodman

Political Science
Minors in Pre-Law, Spanish, Theater Arts

Singing on Broadway or writing judgments from the Supreme Court bench – one thing is for sure, Sarah Rodman aims high. She was recently accepted into law school in New York! She plans to pursue her dual passions – singing and advocating for justice – wherever they take her, be it the bright lights of a New York City stage, or to the sparkling offices of a big-city law firm.

Are you involved in any clubs or activities on campus?

I am the Vice President of the Pre-Law Association here at Daemen, which also meets in conjunction with the History and Government club. I like this club because I’m able to be with people that have the same interests and passions as me. This club has also helped me make friends within my department, so when it comes to taking classes I actually know other people from my major.


Why did you choose Daemen?

I chose Daemen College because I loved the smaller school setting and the personal relationships students were able to form with the professors. Your professors know you at Daemen, and that is crucial to success.


Have you completed an internship?

I completed internships with the Attorney General's Office in Buffalo and with the American Bar Association in Washington, D.C. As an intern at the ABA, I was able to write a memorandum that was successfully accepted and approved by one of the legislative counsels. I attended several hearings and interesting meetings. Both internships strengthened my interest in the field of law.


Have your expectations of Daemen been met?

My expectations have definitely been met. I never would have before dreamed of meeting a Supreme Court Justice, or attending Congressional hearings on Capitol Hill. Daemen made those opportunities possible.


What do you like best about Daemen College?

I cannot stress enough how much I cherish the fact that professors know who I am personally and they are always willing to help. Whether it is with academic recommendations or outside reading that may be helpful to a specific classroom topic, the professors will do what it takes to help you succeed.


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