Tia Elster

Tia Elster

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration / Marketing
Minor: HRM, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Global Studies, Sports Management

Hometown: Warsaw, NY

Activities: Marketing Association President, Tour Guide

1. Why did you choose Daemen?

When I began my college search, I didn't know for sure what I wanted to do. Despite the fact my future career was uncertain, I knew I wanted a college that felt like home. I wanted a college where I could recognize the faces I saw, as opposed to feeling like I was wandering through a sea of people. I wanted a place with faculty that valued academics and their students above all else... After my many tours and applications, I had a name for what college I wanted: Daemen. Daemen College offered the best of everything I could possibly want, potential majors included. I was accepted to many prestigious and expensive colleges, but Daemen offered academic prestige... minus the expense.

2. What is unique about your major?

When people think of a Business major, they rarely think of the term "unique." Generic business classes are fairly standard... unless you go to Daemen. While there are standard foundation business classes, Daemen manages to make every business student have a unique academic career. There are multitudes of specializations to choose from, along with a plethora of minors. While my actual major may be Business Administration, my academic career has been tailored to my interests because of Daemen. I have minors in Public Relations, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, and International Business... along with a specialization in Marketing. Few students can claim to be so knowledgeable in so many topics, and the best part is that I can achieve all this while still graduating on time.

3. What advice would you give to a perspective student?

The best advice I can give to a perspective student is to choose a place that feels like home. Few students know exactly what they want to do upon entering college, and within a year they may change so drastically that they cannot recognize who they were in high school. The best thing a student can do is to choose a college where they see themselves growing; the same majors are available everywhere, but finding a college that feels like home is a rarity. That's why I love Daemen so much - its not just a place to learn academics, its a place I've also learned to grow as a person.

4. My Dream Job:

My dream job has no title, no company, and no specific salary. I believe that you restrict your possibilities when you place your dreams in a box... I intend to chase every potential dream that drifts my way, especially because you never know what you want until you've actually experienced it. I do know that I want a job that offers independence, one where my opinions and creativity are valued. I want a job where bonds and personal interactions are valued as well. I have a firm belief that my dream job can be found anywhere, so long as I can grow with my job and I can contribute to the happiness of others (through whatever medium that happens to be).

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