Buffalo/WNY Veteran Services

  • VA Office of Inspector General Hotline

    Help VA'S Secretary to ensure the integrity of departmental operations by reporting suspected fraud, waste or abuse in VA programs or operations.

    Call the VAOIG Hotline toll-free at 1-800-488-8244

    [8:30am-4:00pm Eastern Time Monday-Friday excluding Federal holidays]

    You may also contact them by mail, e-mail and FAX:

    Write the VAOIG Hotline:


    P.O. BOX 50410

    WASHINGTON, DC 20091-0410

    E-mail the VAOIG Hotline: vaoighotline@va.gov

    FAX the VAOIG Hotline: (202) 565-7936

  • The U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs

    US Senate's legislative and oversight committee on veterans affairs.
  • The House Committee on Veterans Affairs

    From the US House of Representatives Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Provides information and links concerning current topics and policies
  • New York State Division of Veterans' Affairs
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • GI Bill Website:

    GI Bill Benefits are $1,321 per month for full-time students. The GI Bill benefits expire 15 years after your discharge date, so take advantage soon!
  • New York State Tuition Award for OEF and OIF campaign veterans:

    New York State veterans who served during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom are eligible for a New York State Tuition Award valued at $2,175 per semester for full-time students (Usually 12 or more credits) effective Fall Semester of 2008. The current rate is $1,000 per semester.
  • The Center for Veterans Enterprise Web Portal:

    A center of resource for enterprising veterans -or- "vetrepreneurs". Find out about the Patriot Loan and how the VA can help you start your own business.
  • Request a Copy of Veteran's Military Records Electronically:

    A veteran, next of kin, or surviving spouse may request a copy of the military records, commonly referred to as DD form 214, by completing the online application and faxing (preferred) or mailing a signed request to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis Missouri. The online-to-fax method usually takes two to three weeks to receive your copy. The traditional mailing method takes several months to a year.


    • Step 1: This will bring you to the National Archives Website; scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and click on the red button/bar that says "Request Military Records"
    • Step 2: A window will pop up, which will be the application to request your military records
    • Step 3: Go through each of the 4 steps; when you get to last part of step 4, verify the information you have submitted and push continue.
    • Step 4: Press Print; two pages will print out. One page will have a place to sign, directions along with a fax number to send this paper to. The second paper will just have a place to sign your name. Sign the second piece of paper without the directions and fax it to St. Louis at (314) 801-9049.

    * Attention Navy Veterans:

    Navy personnel discharged after the year 1995 should request their military records from the Navy Personnel Command. Following is the proper procedure for requesting your separation papers (DD Form 214) or military records from the Navy Personnel Command:

    • Call 1-866-827-5672 to verify that your records are indeed stored with the Navy Personnel Command.
    • Complete Standard Form 180 (Request Pertaining to Military Records)
    • Fax the completed Standard Form 180 to the following number: 901-874-2664 - or - mail form to:

      Navy Personnel Command

      PERS 312D1

      5720 Integrity Drive

      Millington, TN 38055-3120

    Please note that it takes approximately 10-14 days to receive a copy of the Report of Separation (DD Form 214) and approximately one month to receive the entire military records folder from the Navy Personnel Command when faxing the request. If using snail mail, it can take several months.

    *Attention Marine Corps Veterans:

    Within the past few years, the U.S. Marine Corps began retiring most military personnel records to its Personnel Management Support Branch instead of the National Personnel Records Center. For those who have been discharged/retired after 1997, fax or mail your request using a standard letter format or the Records Request Form and send to the address below with your full name, social security number, home mailing address, type of information requested and your signature:

    Manpower Management

    Support Branch (MMSB-10)

    2008 Elliot Road

    Quantico,Virginia 22134

    Phone: (800) 268-3710

    Fax: (703)-784-5792

    Marines who are requesting a copy of medical and dental records, and were discharged/retired in 1994 or later should call (314) 538-4500 to verify that the records are indeed stored with the Personnel Management Support Branch. You may then mail or fax your request to:

    Department of Veterans Affairs

    Records Management Center


    P.O. Box 5020

    St. Louis , MO 63115

    Phone: (314) 538-4500

    Fax: (314) 538-4571

  • Obtain or File a Certified Copy of a Veteran's Military Records at The Erie County Clerk's Office:

    You can obtain a certified copy of the veteran's military records, or DD form 214, at the Erie County Clerk's Office located at 92 Franklin Street in downtown Buffalo. Approximately one in four Erie County veterans have filed a copy of their discharge papers with the Erie County Clerk's Office. This copy is as good as the original and can usually be obtained the same day of your request if you go there personally. Call 716-858-8865 to verify that there is a copy available.
  • Buffalo VA Medical Center:

    The Buffalo VA Medical Center is located at 3495 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14215. Their phone number is 716-834-9200 -or- toll free: 1-800-532-8387
  • Buffalo DAV Transportation Network:

    The DAV Transportation Network provides transportation for veterans in need of health care. Contact Richard Kloc at 716-862-6544.
  • Buffalo VA Regional Office:

    The Buffalo VA Regional Office is located at 130 South Elmwood in downtown Buffalo. Call 1800-827-1000 to reach them or to find out the status of your claim filed with the VA.
  • WNY Heroes 
  • Buffalo VA Medical Staff
  • Volunteer
  • World War II - The Netherlands
  • Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • National Purple Heart Hall of Honor
  • VA's Website for Returning Service Members (OEF/OIF)

    This site provides information on benefits and services available to returning service members of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF).
  • Veteran Employment Group of Buffalo Niagara

    Goodwill Industries of Western New York

    1119 William Street, Buffalo NY 14206-1897

    Contact: Julius Gallagher (716)854-3494 or juliusgallagher@hotmail.com

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