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Mission Statement:

The Daemen College Student Alumni Ambassadors were organized in 2002 under the Daemen College Alumni Relations Office. The organization serves as a link between prospective students, current students, administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and our community. It cooperates with the Daemen College Alumni Relations Office and the Daemen College/Rosary Hill Alumni Association. Our mission is to seize upon every opportunity to elevate and heighten the college’s image and to instill pride within the greater College community of students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni, as well, as the with the citizens of Buffalo.                                                                                         

Meet the Ambassadors:

Conference Chair of Communication: Holli Nesbitt
Conference Chair of Logistics: Kelsey Reeder  

SAA Cabinet:

Chief Ambassador: Hannah Marvin
Vice President of Fundraising: Brittany Jensen        
Vice President of Events: Meghan Kloss
Vice President of Traditions: Sarah Mang
Vice President of Correspondence: Gabriella Haycock
Homecoming and Bonding Chair: Christopher Ponichtera
Senior Glass Giving Chair: Tyler Bridgewater

SAA Members:

Eferhire Akpovwa
Kyle Backal
Ellen Banks 
Emma Cadwallader 
Aaron Cole
Paige Gilbert
Jemila Grant   
Zach Kinnaird      
Lindsey Kreuzer   
Taylor McCants
Erica Pollow     
Caitlin Schwinge       
Jarrett Streicher      
Jessica Todd   
Kelsey Zahno

Alumni Office Information:

Alumni Relations: Katie Graf
SAA Email:  

Awards and Honors:

Outstanding Organization 2011: Student Alumni Ambassadors
Outstanding Student Leader 2012: Sara Hartman
Outstanding External Program 2013: DC Book
Outstanding Student Leader 2013: Meg Conley

Role in the Conference - Travel Guides:

As a part of our conference each alumni organization will be paired with a Daemen College Student Alumni Ambassador. In accordance with the theme “Little School Big World,” each Student Alumni Ambassador will act as a Travel Guide. Attendees can utilize these Travel Guides for any questions, comments, and concerns they may have throughout the conference. Remember these Travel Guides are here for you, utilize them to the fullest.

“I love the endless opportunities I have at Daemen. Whether I want to join an academic organization, alumni organization, greek organization, or admissions organization I have every option available to me.  Daemen has allowed me to expand my leadership skills both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.” Hannah Marvin  

"I'm excited about the conference because Daemen hasn't had the opportunity to host something this big and so life changing before. I'm also excited because it gives people a chance to experience what Daemen is all about and hopefully try the awesome coffee at the daily grind!” Jessica Todd

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