Distinguished Alumni Awards

Distinguished Alumni Awards

About the Distinguished Alumni Awards

Since graduating our first class in 1952 from Rosary Hill College, we have recognized the need to acknowledge the growth, achievements and societal contributions of our graduates. With each graduating year leaders in many forms have been released from the hallowed halls of this College to represent its ideals to the rest of the world. Distinguished Alumni Award recipients have worked in the fields of business, finance, medicine, health sciences, education, law, civic organizations and the arts. They have all exhibited ideals expressed by the Sisters of St. Francis when they founded Rosary Hill College, and that the faculty and administration maintain in Daemen College.

The Distinguished Alumni Awards are held each year during Homecoming Weekend. To learn more view the events calendar.


Descriptions of the Distinguished Alumni Awards

Advancement in Career

This award recognizes graduates who focused their lives on improving their career field: have made significant impact on their profession, and have improved society through their chosen careers.


Outstanding Service to the Community

This award recognizes graduates that have dedicated their lives to serving the needs of others through volunteer activities, helping those less fortunate form physical, emotional, medical or psychological concerns, or working to improve society through civic organizations or governmental committees.


Dedication to the College

This award recognizes graduates who have been moved to give back to the institution that provided the base for their successful lives. These leaders have participated in programs such as service learning, Cooperative Education/Career Development, hosted student teachers, physical therapy students, physician assistant students, scholarship fundraisers, acted as class agents, or contributed to the student life at Daemen College.


Distinguished Alumni Award

This Premier award recognizes a graduate who has achieved distinction in all three of the above categories.


Graduate of the Last Decade

This award recognizes a graduate from the last decade who falls into one of the above categories selected by the committee and nominated by a member of the Daemen College community (alum, faculty, staff and administration).

Awards Questions

Each award has a set of questions, created by the Board of Governors, to aid in the nomination process. You fill out the official Distinguished Alumni Awards Form and submit your nomination for consdieration. Below are the questions for each award:

Advancement in Career

1. Nominee's Type of Employment:

2. Positions achieved in this employment and others:
3. How have the nominee's achievements positively made an impact on society?

Outstanding Service to the Community

1. List the volunteer activities of the nominee:
2. How long has the nominee been involved in these volunteer activities?
3. Civic/government organizations or committees that the nominee has served:
4. How have the nominee's volunteer activities directly serviced the needs of others?

Dedication to the College

1. What specific college program has the nominee participated in since graduation?
2. List what work the nominee has done with these specific programs.
3. How long has the nominee been involved in the program(s) listed above?

Distinguished Alumni Award

To submit a nomination for the Distinguished Alumni Award answer all the questions above for Advancement in Career, Outstanding Service to the Community & Dedication to the College.

Graduate of the Last Decade

To submit a nomination for the Graduate of the Last Decade Award select one of the award types, Advancement in Career, Outstanding Service to the Community or Dedication to the College, and answer the questions.

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Peter Loney

Peter - Accounting


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"I think one of the most crucial aspects of the Daemen curriculum is the required internship. I was an accounting intern for both a private health care company and a certified public accounting firm. I was able to apply lessons learned in the classroom to real business situations. When my internships were over, each company offered me a full-time position."

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The M. Angela Canavan, OSF Legacy Society was established to recognize those thoughtful members of the Rosary Hill/Daemen College community who have made a provision for the college in their estate plans through a bequest, life insurance policy, trust, retirement plan, IRA or other planned gift.