Maryann Stein

Maryann Stein

Masters of Global Business '01

Maryann Stein knew she wanted to trade in her lifetime of “jobs” and find a career. For her, a Masters of Science degree in Global Business from Daemen College was the catalyst for the change she sought.

A Buffalo native, Stein sought out the Global Business program at Daemen because, as she said, “it was a perfect fit.” It was the right program with the right schedule - she could complete her degree while still tending to her other responsibilities. An internship in international business put her in contact with the Erie County Economic Development Agency (ECIDA), where she found her career.

Stein graduated in 2001 and now works for ECIDA as their Director of International Programs. Her job includes administration of Erie County’s Foreign Trade Zone, partnership in The Export-Import Bank of the United States’ City/State program, management of the Worldwide Credit Reports service and recruiting companies for ECIDA’s Trade Show Participation Program.  Her goal is to help the local economy expand through international business, and to do so, she partners with various organizations, agencies and companies throughout the region.

“All of my classes provided me the basis I would need to build on,” said Stein. “The information I learned and the projects I worked on all translated into the real-life scenarios in business that I would soon find myself in.” Stein knows that in today’s ever-more-interconnected world, having a global background and perspective is essential.

“As the world’s economy becomes more and more intertwined, nothing could be more timely than a Master’s degree in Global Business,” said Stein, adding that her degree becomes “more valuable” as time passes.

Since the program has given her so much, she is quick to recommend it to others, citing the excitement that she gained through her accumulation of knowledge and growth in the Global Business program.

For her, it all comes down to the bottom line. Said Stein: “My education and experiences at Daemen helped to prepare me for the challenges and opportunities I now find daily in Global Business.”

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“Without my advisors guiding the way, including Academic Advisors, and Co-Op Advisors, I would not have had the opportunity to apply my academic education to the real-world experience that I have gained through internships.”

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