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Getting started

Contact our office! We have the resources to contact your classmates and we can get the word out that your reunion year is coming up. Team up with a few of your fellow alumni to spread the workload. It is sometimes useful to send out an initial letter or email to the group to gauge the level of interest for the reunion and what preferences there are towards the location and type of event.


Decide who to invite

Do you want to include fellow alumni from a particular year, course, club or residence hall?


Will you invite spouses/partners, children, former professors?


Contact us so that we can give you a breakdown of how many email and home addresses we have for your former classmates. Be aware that the details we hold are only as up to date as our graduates have provided us!


We ask that you keep the alumni office updated with any new contact information you may find for your fellow graduates. Any new contact information we gather from attendees of the event will be updated in our database to ensure we have accurate data for your next reunion!


Choose a date, time and venue

Will your reunion be during one evening, all day, or a full weekend? Only your classmate’s individual budgets and ambition limit the possibilities.


If you are already in contact with your group and most live locally, you may be able to pull the event together quickly.  For best attendance we encourage you to set the date as much as a year in advance, so people can plan vacations, etc. around the reunion.  While your reunion can be held any time during the year may we suggest holding your event during Homecoming & Family Weekend? Homecoming & Family Weekend is an exciting time for everyone with plenty happening on campus and is usually scheduled for the beginning of November. You can view Daemen’s calendar of events to find out exactly when it is this year.


Put together your program

Set up a meeting with a representative from the Daemen College Alumni Relations Office to help facilitate the following discussions between all that are interested in planning your reunion:

Reunion Program Layout

Determine the maximum cost per person for the reunion.
Would you prefer a sit-down dinner, buffet, BBQ or just drinks and mingling?
Will your class participate in a Class Gift Campaign to benefit deserving students?

You could also consider other additions to the day:

A Commemorative Mass
Tours of new buildings/departments
A lecture/seminar that is already happening at Daemen
Display photos or memorabilia from your years at Rosary Hill / Daemen

Letters, emails and event promotion

About four-five months before the reunion:

Save the date card goes out to all invitees. (What, where, When, and Invite others to help plan the reunion)


About three months before the reunion:

The second letter / email / phone call is to stimulate further interest. Tell them how many have shown interest (you could even list names) and that the more people attend, the better it will be.


One-two months before the reunion:

The official Reunion Invitation should contain the finalized program, RSVP card, accommodation details, etc. Your representative from the Daemen Alumni Relations office will work with you to have Daemen’s Graphic Designers design a lovely invitation for you.


After the reunion

You may want to send out an email/letter to thank all those who attended. Please ask them to keep in touch with the Alumni Relations Office and let us know when they change address. This will help if you ever want to another reunion in the future, too!


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Reunion Giving
A chance for your class or group to make a significant gift to the college reunion giving allows you to pool your funds together. Reunion gifts range in size and designation.