How to Search for an Alumni Career Partner

Welcome to the Alumni Career Partners program! Career Partners are Daemen College alumni who have agreed to serve as an information resource to you regarding their career path, industry, or geographic location. 

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General Guidelines

  • Once you have searched the database and identified potential Career Partners, connect with them according to their preferred contact method (phone, e-mail, or letter) to arrange future communication.
  • Prepare ahead of time for each networking opportunity or informational interview.  If you are meeting in person, dress professionally.
  • Follow-up each contact with a formal, written thank you note.
  • Send feedback to  and keep us informed of your experience with the program.

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Student Profiles

Cameron - Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Cam has spent a significant amount of time acting, puppeteering, writing, producing, and directing various productions associated with the theater department while also presenting his research throughout the country.