Buffalo Chapter Council

The Council is responsible for WNY alumni programming.  Past events include: The Duns Scotus Lecture Series, Brunch with the Easter Bunny, the annual Holiday Party, Woman's History Month events, and Wine Tasting events. To view upcoming events click the Alumni Events Link on the navigation bar to the left.

Buffalo Chapter Council:

Wayne N. Brown '03
Acting President/ President-Elect 

Ashley Betz '12

Renee Retton '12 
Young Alumni Representative

Tamarisk S. Boucher '02

Andrew Wheeler, DPT '04 
Immediate Past President

Goals for the 2013-2014 year:

  • To make the DC/RH Alumni Association: Buffalo Chapter a more recognizable entity to the Daemen community.
  • To engage the faculty, staff and administration as a means to foster Alumni interest in the campus.
  • To fund one or more projects or programs that would involve the Buffalo chapter and earmark these things as Special Needs projects ex: nature week to work on the campus nature path or care for the Rosary Hall Gardens.
  • To foster projects and programs that will involve the community outside and inside of the Daemen community. The purpose is to broaden alumni involvement on all levels and provide interests for as many constituents as possible.


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Feifei - Global Business

Global Business

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In Daemen, I took ESL classes to improve my English. I worked at Canavan Desk and made a lot of friends over there. I participated in a Business dinner with my professors. I was invited to join a family party by my professors. During the weekends, I often take the school shuttle to the shopping mall. These experiences helped me to ease into the American-style of study, life, and business.

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