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for Daemen College Tradition Keepers

The DC Book Hall of Fame reserved for anyone who accomplishes all 40 plus DC Book Traditions. We are so proud to call these graduates Daemen College Tradition Keepers! Will your name one day grace our Hall of Fame wall?


50 Traditions Hall of Fame

Helen Lawrence - 2012
Kimberly Corbin - 2013
Nicholas Kaczmarek - 2013

40 Traditions Hall of Fame

Sarah Hartman - 2012
Alexis Ruffino - 2012
Noelle Trometer - 2012
Emma Yingling - 2012
Mitchell Altman-Cosgrove - 2013
Michael Carlo - 2013
Megan Conley - 2013
Alyssa Hanlon - 2013
Alyssa Serba - 2013
Brittany Jensen - 2014
Kara Klump - 2013


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Nick Kaczmarek

Nick - Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Nick held several student leadership positions at Daemen and also completed an internship for graphic design. He recently traveled abroad to Italy with students and the department chair of the program.