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FAQ about SAA

We hope this page helps answer some basic questions about the Student Alumni Ambassador program.

Who are the Student Alumni Ambassadors?

The Daemen College Student Alumni Ambassadors were organized in 2002 under the Institutional Advancement division. The organization serves as a link between prospective students, current students, administration, faculty, staff, gradautes, and our community. It cooperates with the Institutional Advancement division and the Daemen College/Rosary Hill Alumni Association. Our mission is to seize upon every opportunity to elevate and heighten the college’s image and to instill pride within the greater College community of students, faculty, staff, parents, and gradautes, as well, as with the citizens of Buffalo.

We have several roles on campus as student leaders. We serve as tour guides/hosts to groups on campus, ushers for major speaker events and assist in Institutional Advancement division events. We are also in charge of the DC Book and the Senior Class Giving Campagin. Have more questions? Contact us

What are the main Student Alumni Ambassadors events?

Student Alumni Ambassadors assist with or organize the follow campus events:

Fall & Spring Retreats
Welcome Back Events
Homecoming Reunions
Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner
Buffalo Chapter Holiday Party
One Month Until Graduation Party
Senior Week
Defensive Driving Course (occasionally held)
Brunch with the Easter Bunny
Academic Festival Speaker
Student Leadership Awards Lunch
Senior Wine & Beer Tasting 
SAA End of the Year Events
Daemen College Golf Classic
CASE/ASAP Conference (select SAA are chosen to attend)
Orientation (DC Book sales)
* and other events held by the Institutional Advancement division

How do I apply and how are SAA selected?

You can apply by emailing us at and ask for an application or apply online. Applicants can apply year round and interviews are held for all students that apply within the end of semester deadline. Applicants are interviewed by the Student Alumni Ambassador Officers. We would like to accept everyone that applies but there are usually limited spots available. For more information please continue reading this page.  If you have more application/interview questions contact an SAA officer at

How many students can be in SAA at one time?

Because the Student Alumni Ambassador program is funded by our own personal fundraising efforts, the group can only support a maximum of 20 students at a time. However, the group works best with a small number of dedicated students and somewhere between 12-22.

What is the Surprise Dessert delivery service?

Student Alumni Ambassadors are in charge of the Surprise Dessert delivery service for the College. This is a fundrasier for SAA and serves as a great way for parents to surprise their stuents with a cake for their birthday! We also don't limit cakes, brownies, rice krispie treats and cookie cakes to just birthdays - send a treat for your student's favorite holiday, during exam week or just because you want to send a dessert. A Student Alumni Ambassador will personally deliver the surprise to the student. Any questions? Contact Katie Graf (x8364) to order online or via email

Where is the Student Alumni Ambassador Office located?

The Institutional Advancement division offices are located on the first floor of Rosary Hall. Our receptionist is located in the main lobby. The Student Alumni Ambassadors hold office hours in the Institutional Advancement offices. To reach the office take a right after the stairs and go down to the end of the hallway. Turn left at the end of the hallway. The office is the second office on the left side. Still lost? Just ask directions.  

What is the Patane/Wheeler award?

The Michael G. Patane '05 and Andrew C. Wheeler '04 Outstanding Student Leadership Awards were named in honor of two of the founding members of the Student Alumni Ambassadors. These awards are presented to two graduating ambassadors who have provided outstanding leadership for the organization, and have demonstrated respect for the goals and ideals of the Student Alumni Ambassador program, the Institutional Advancement division and Daemen College.

What is CASE/ASAP and which SAA get to go to the conference?

CASE stands for the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education and ASAP stands for Association of Student Advancement Programs. CASE/ASAP is comprised of student alumni associations from around the country. Its goal is to foster and enhance student involvement in all areas of advancement—from Advancement and communications to fundraising, marketing and related areas. One of the perks of being in the SAA program is the chance to attend a student leadership conference. Every year the SAA program sends students to this conference to enhance their leadership skills & bring back what they have learned to the group. We were privileged to host a district 2 conference in 2014 and we have won several CASE ASAP D2 Awards!

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