Keynote Speaker

Dr. R. Bruce Baum

Daemen College is proud to have Dr. Bruce Baum as our Keynote Speaker for the 2014 CASE ASAP District 2 Conference.  

Laugh Harder: Live and Learn Longer

Is there room for more laughter and fun in your life?  Would you like to view things more positively? Would you appreciate finding some joy in each day? Would you like to get all “As” in school?  Would you like to have a big pile of money?  If you said “yes” to any of these questions, this combination keynote and workshop may be just what you need.  You will experience laughter exercises, videos, information on the physical, social and psychological benefits of humor and laughter, jokes, magic and fun.  Perhaps we can recapture some of the curiosity, excitement and joy most of us experienced when we were younger.  We will explore how humor can help promote learning, positive interactions, health, teamwork, creativity and success.  Please come prepared to laugh.


Biography – Dr. R. Bruce Baum

Dr. R. Bruce Baum, a legend in his own mind, is a Professor Emeritus in the Exceptional Education Department at Buffalo State College, a co-founder of Applied Learning Associates and the ‘Head Honcho’ of  He received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Cincinnati, and a doctorate in education from Indiana University.  Dr. Baum is author of How to Motivate Audiences: 121 Warmups, Icebreakers and Activities for Promoting Creative Problem Solving, Teamwork and Laughter (Bates Jackson), The Almost Wet Your Pants Book of Humor (Author House), 20 Magic Tricks for the Magically Impaired (DVD) and the MEGA TRAINING CD.  Major awards he has received include the Beyonder Award from the South Africa Creativity Foundation (2013), the Distinguished Leader Award from the Creative Education Foundation (2012), and the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from Buffalo State College (2007). He is a Colleague in the Creative Education Foundation, a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Coordinator of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Humor Project, a past board member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and a member of the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary.  Dr. Baum is certified in Foursight and the Neethling Brain Instrument and is certified as a Laughter Leader and Rock Balancer.  He has presented on creativity, creative problem solving, humor, change, team building, communication, stress, time management, dealing with difficult people, magic, interpersonal relationships, laughter and other topics in Singapore, Cyprus, Namibia, Dubai, Jamaica, South Africa (10 times), Costa Rica, Japan and Canada. In his spare time, Dr. Baum is a Rocket Scientist, Bronco Rider, Taxidermist, Explorer, Brain Surgeon and Gourmet.

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