Sara Staple

Sara Staple

Business Administration 2007

Sara Staple credits the knowledge she gained and the internships she had during her years at Daemen with the career she has now. A 2007 graduate in business administration with a marketing concentration, she found a job at Ingram Micro Market Development, in neighboring Williamsville, NY. In her current position, she is responsible for developing marketing plans and building relationships with clients, among other tasks.

She loved Daemen for its cozy feel and small class sizes, but also for the real-life preparation the school gave her through her internships. Of course, she’ll always look back fondly on the professors and her classes, but what she really loved were the in-between-class, mid-day naps in her room.


Would you recommend the program to others?


What did you like best about the program?

The small class sizes.

What advice would you give to current marketing students at Daemen?

Get to know your teachers, they are your first taste of how networking will work and they can help you to meet other people in your field and give you a real-life look at how something will work.

Why did you choose to attend Daemen?

I liked the area that Daemen was in as well as it being a small school. Admissions did a great job of explaining the school, and they were friendly and welcoming.

How did your experiences at Daemen help you to be where you are now?

Daemen helped me get the internships I needed and the real-world knowledge to work for a multi-national company.

Did you have an internship during your time at Daemen? Where?

Yes, I interned for the Washington Business Journal and Vernon Downs Raceway.

Were you offered a job before graduation?

Yes, but I was proactively looking for a job in April so I could start in May.

Did you choose to pursue a graduate degree? If so, why, and how has that helped you?

I did. Niagara Univeristy works with Daemen for an 18 month MBA program. I took advantage of that, not only to save me money, but I was worried that if I didn’t do it right away, I would never go back. It has helped me to get a promotion at my place of employment and set me above others when looking for new employment. 

Where do you work now? What are some of your responsibilities?

Ingram Micro Market Development. I am in charge of certain vendor marketing plans, building relationships and accounts with customers, informing sales and training for certain vendors and growing my business segment.

What was your favorite experience at Daemen?

I took a few business etiquette classes that were very helpful, but I really liked being able to just walk into a teacher’s office whenever I needed something. Everyone was very helpful and wanted me to succeed. 

What is your lasting memory of Daemen?

Hanging out with friends, shopping and naps in-between classes!

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“Without my advisors guiding the way, including Academic Advisors, and Co-Op Advisors, I would not have had the opportunity to apply my academic education to the real-world experience that I have gained through internships.”

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