Personal Inventory

This is a checklist that was developed by an attorney which should prove helpful when you meet with your attorney to draw up or update your will. Feel free to use this layout for your own personal use.





Date of Birth

Place of Birth 

Social Security Number 

Name of Spouse 

Spouse’s Social Security Number

Name, addresses, telephone and SS#s of children

Name, addresses, telephone and SS3s of siblings

Type and number of medical insurance  



Checking Account info 

Savings Account info

Certificates of Deposit 

Accounts receivable (money owed to you) 

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds

Insurance policies

Annuity Contracts


Personal Property

Automobile (Make, Model, Year, Value, Title location)

Other vehicles, recreational, etc.

Special household furnishings

Jewelry and Furs

Other valuables


Benefits (410k, IRA)

Name of Company 


Real Estate Interests

Primary Residence 

Vacation Property 

Business Interests:

(List any and all business interests that pertain to you)

General Information

Safety Deposit Box

Location of Box                       
Location of Keys 



Church, Synagogue or Spiritual advisor

Funeral arrangements

Cemetery preference

Insurance broker Financial broker/advisor 

Name of Executor


My wishes with regard to my family


My wishes for my favorite charities:

(include name of charity, contact name and telephone number, address and a description of your bequest)


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"I think one of the most crucial aspects of the Daemen curriculum is the required internship. I was an accounting intern for both a private health care company and a certified public accounting firm. I was able to apply lessons learned in the classroom to real business situations. When my internships were over, each company offered me a full-time position."

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