RIC Booking Policy

Booking Information

When you book, email Frank fcarey@daemen.edu and send a copy to Kara kmcguire@daemen.edu.  Email is surer than voicemail.  Give date and time, a name for the event, and the number of people you expect.   Frank assigns based upon the appropriate room capacity and technological requirements, see below.  You certainly may request your “favorite,” and we will make every effort to accommodate your preference.  Once your booking has been confirmed you will be able to view it here or through MyDaemen.  From MyDaemen, click the left-hand side link for Facilities and Events Database.

After Booking

The Daemen College Library Staff asks that you return the booked room to the condition in which you found it as a courtesy to the next guest.

RIC 120

RIC 120, the “Palisano,” is a dedicated-use room, and so preference is given to Library Instruction bookings.  Its capacity is 35 people. 





RIC 101

RIC 101 is the “Sisters of St. Francis Study Lounge” with seating capacity of 25. 





RIC 212

RIC 212 is the Electronic Seminar Room with seating capacity of 10.







Other Rooms

The Group Study Rooms dotted about the RIC, which generally seat 4, will be booked on an ad hoc basis. Otherwise, the Group Study Rooms in the RIC are used on a first-come-first-served basis, however the Group Study Rooms, RIC 102 and RIC 103 (Multimedia Use Rooms), are intended for students wishing to view audiovisual materials in the library collection.  For this reason, students wishing to view audiovisual materials in the library collection are given preference, and persons using RIC 102 and RIC 103 for any other purpose will be asked to yield the room.

Resources by Room

For a list of resources per room please see Technology In RIC Bookable Rooms.

Other Booking Information

Faculty, staff and administrators may book in the RIC.  Students do not need to book, as the entire building, barring offices, is available to them when not otherwise in use.  However, students are encouraged to contact Frank Carey should they have a special use in mind.

No rooms in the RIC will be used for regularly scheduled Daemen College classes.  For classrooms, please contact Kim Petry at kpetry@daemen.edu or 839-8214.

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